The Best in the World


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I have been actively watching the Olympics each night. Actively, I say, because I yell on the sidelines sofalines. I cheer and yell loudly. My enthusiasm makes the swimmers stroke longer and the sprinters run faster.


They can. They do. And they win.

My eleven-year-old had a track meet this spring, where all fifth graders from all five elementary schools in our town gathered and competed. It’s a ritual that’s been going on for decades. They perform all of the traditional track and field events. Except pole vaulting. Oh, and the discus is a frisbee. But whatever.

But the sprints? Sheer speed. It’s a nail-biter to see who the fastest fifth grader is in town.

My son competed in the 75-meter sprint. The gun went off and he flew. I couldn’t contain my cheering: GO! YOU’VE GOT THIS!

He went. And he got it. A blue ribbon. And a huge smile.

He is the best in the my world.

When it comes to sports, do we love our children more when they win? Or do we love that our children are healthy? Or do we love that our children are becoming independent and confident?

Healthy. Independent. Confident. As a mother, I want my children to be winners on the inside. But a blue ribbon from time to time doesn’t hurt. 🙂

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Reach For the Stars, Not the Trees


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My high school Spanish teacher told our pimply faces a saying many years ago that has stuck with me ever since:

“Reach for the stars and you may land in the trees. But if you reach for the trees, you may land in the mud.”

The pimples are now gone. But the powerful words are still there. About believing in yourself, trying your best, pushing yourself, and having goals. Words of an over-achiever. Hello. I am an over-achiever. And you are likely one too. As a mother, I try to instill these values into my children. Here is how I have put this saying into practice just this month:

  • I co-coached a six-year-old boys’ youth soccer team this Fall (my son was on this team). I reinforced to them, “You can’t score, unless you take a shot.” That sounds obvious. But this has deeper meaning: take a chance and go for it.
  • There’s an art contest at school. My daughter won a blue ribbon for her drawing last year. (Yeah, I already bragged about this on Facebook.) She thought she might not win again. I tell her, “You cannot win if you don’t enter.” We must enter into the challenges of life.
  • My oldest has a huge history project. One that is done in pieces over the course of six weeks, with a grand finale culmination event. He has to make a tri-fold presentation board with all the facts about Alexander the Great. The teacher did not give specific guidelines about how this should look, but only what core information it has to contain. I tell my son, “You need to go all out on this and make this look kick-ass.” In other words, you’d better not show up with a plain white tri-fold presentation. This sucker had better pop!
  • And take me. I have been wanting to start up a blog for awhile now. I have been annoying enough on Facebook. And wanted to expand. 🙂 I questioned myself: “What will the blog be about?” and “Is it OK I just write one blog a week?” and “What if I don’t have enough to say?” Well ya know what? I launched my blog. I did it. I did it for me. And it turns out that I have more than enough to say. Enough that I just may develop carpal tunnel syndrome soon.

I ran across another great quote along these lines from @YourAuntLola on Twitter:

“Sweetie, plan for the limo. Prepare for the bus.”
I have no plans for Greyhound travel anytime soon. But you can always find me on the sidelines of my kids’ sports–and on the sidelines of their flourishing lives–hollering (sometimes embarrassingly), imitating Rob Schneider in Waterboy:

“You Can Dooooooooo It!”