Wanna Go “Shopping?!”


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Whenever I ask my children, Hey Guys, wanna go SHOPPING?! They know exactly what that means. It’s code.

It means heading to one of our favorite antique stores and goofing around.

It means trying on silly hats. Band hats, military hats, tea hats, fancy hats, smelly old hats.

It means checking out stuff from the good ol’ days like Scooby Doo metal lunch boxes and telephones with curly cords. Imagine that!

Hey Mom, what’s this?!

Um, it’s a typewriter. I typed my English papers with one exactly like that in high school.


We pour through vintage books and magazines; check out matching salt and pepper shakers; Aunt Jemima, squirrel, and hobo figurines; rocking horses and rocking chairs; mismatched silverware; dolls with broken limbs.

Odds and ends from the past that delight us as we peer through the aisles and squeal Check this out!

All it takes is an hour to pack in tons of fun and bring some of the past to the present. Oh and take some selfies.

I felt sorry for this doll. She was all cracked and discarded.

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You can't take us anywhere…

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"Antique Shopping." Giggle.

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The Pair of Uggs


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A few years ago, I bought my daughter a pair of Ugg boots on a whim. Ugh. Are they expensive.

My daughter was only nine years old at the time.

Will you take good care of these boots? Yes!

Do you promise not to jump through puddles in them? Yes!

She seemed trustworthy. I dropped $120 on them and off we went. My daughter wearing her new suede boots immediately, with her old, battered, Mary Janes in the shoe box. Old and battered should have clued me in to the wear and tear a child makes on shoes. But, nooo!

The very first time she wore those boots to school, she sloshed in a puddle and muddled through the mud. What did I expect? She’s nine.

Yep, they were ruined, those boots. Ruined in a day.

So, I did like all smart shoppers do. With receipt in hand, I returned those scuffed, battered, muddied Ugg boots to where else? Nordstrom.

“Yeah, they didn’t quite work out for us,” I smiled with my perfect game face.

I got my money back. And we promptly purchased a pair of rubber boots at Target for $19.99. With cherries on them. Perfect for a girl to slosh and muddle in. And to be nine.

Just hanging around.

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I Feel Sorry For Bruised Apples


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You really can’t take me grocery shopping without me feeling sorry for something. A bruised apple, I’ll buy it. A carton of eggs with one egg cracked, I’ll buy them. A dented can of tomatoes, I’ll buy it. I am such a sap!

I mean, who else is going to buy that stuff? I feel sorry for damaged food. (Except not milk that is about to expire. I stay way the hell away from that. If I get the slightest whiff of milk going bad, glug, glug, glug, down the sink it goes without even thinking.)

The other day when I was grocery shopping, there was a section of Valentines stuff that didn’t sell and was on clearance. Yuck, who wants that crap?? Not me. But wait.


Something caught my eye. A purple-and-pink stuffed Valentine monster. All by itself.

Except, not anymore.

That purple-and-pink stuffed Valentine monster, bruised apple, cracked eggs, and dented can of tomatoes all came home with me that day.

I couldn't resist this on clearance. I'm a sucker for toys that didn't sell.

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Hold Onto Your Hats


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So, two girls walk into a store and…

All I can say is, hold onto your hats! Because my daughter and I have arrived.

Lately, we’ve been “shopping.” When I say shopping, I mean code for silliness. It doesn’t really matter where we go: antique shops, home decor shops, gift shops, small town stops, metropolitan city shops.

We don’t care. As long as there are neat things to look at, touch, ooh and ah over, admire, and try on (and always strike a few poses for some giggles), then our “shopping” trip is a success.

#hats #goofing #fun

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#hats #goofing #fun

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#hats #goofing #fun

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#hats #goofing #fun

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#hats #goofing #fun

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13-Month-Old Children Need Clothes Too


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People love to gift teeny tiny Nike shoes to the infant who doesn’t actually need or wear shoes. I mean, how can you resist?

And what about the monkey hats? One-piece puppy jammies? Tights with ruffles on the butt? Junior-sized cardigans? Miniature velvet dresses? Tiny corduroy overalls? Onesies? Striped leggings? Snapping t-shirts?

Tiny clothes are oh-so-cute. And when my kids were little, everyone (especially the grandparents) gifted oh-so-cute clothes in droves. Piles. Mountains.

But once the children hit 13 months, the gifting of the clothes slowed down. Until it stopped. Dang!

Yet, the children’s growing didn’t stop. What about the fire engine shirts? Then the Star Wars shirts? Then the skateboarders and skulls shirts? Then the Nike and Under Armour? Cha-ching!

I mean, I know man-jeans for teens aren’t exactly cute as a button. But man-jeans are expensive! And what about ginormous athletic shoes they need to buy each sports season.

I’m not sure why people stop gifting clothes once children grow into big children and then into gangly, young men and women.

It’s a good thing I love to shop. 🙂




I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags


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“Hey Mom, can we go thrift shopping?”

My eight-year-old son is a natural ham. Bring him to Goodwill and he’s like what, what, what, what, what can I try on?

I wear your granddad’s clothes, I look incredible 

I’m in this big ass coat from that thrift shop down the road

We didn’t buy that big-ass pimp coat that day. But we did score a groovy polyester ’70’s button-down shirt and a full-length dookie brown dog costume for Halloween. Both for twenty dollars in my pocket.


Here’s the original video:

Here’s a funny parody:

Shopping for Boots with Bigfoot


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It seems like it was just two months ago when I bought my 10-year-old daughter new shoes. Three new pairs in fact.

Say…it WAS just two months ago. And now she has outgrown them. “Can’t you just wear your basketball shoes to school?”

Apparently not.

My “lady girl” as I call her–is sized as a lady in clothes and shoes but is still the age of a girl–she’s tricky to shop for. She’s not ready for low-plunging necklines and low-waisted jeans. And oh the boots in her size. Thigh-high. High-heeled.

Off to the lady boot store we went. Let me tell you, when you outgrow your boots and it’s the end of January, it’s slim pickings…for an age-appropriate boot. She found the perfect pair. For a hooker.

We finally found a pair we both agreed on. No-heel, black suede with fringe…in her size!

She’s only 10 but her feet happen to be ginormous. Big feet on a woman = big brains. This I know. After all, my girl takes after her Mama. 🙂


Are You Smarter Than a 7th Grader? Not a Requirement if You Work at JC Penney


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You know the store clerks and cashiers that circle the URL on your receipt where the survey is located? And write their names with a giant smiley face? And they ask you to please give them high marks on the survey for being so helpful during your check-out process?

Well, smiley-face-on-the-receipt-Heather at JC Penney is not going to get high marks from me. I’ll probably not even fill out the survey, because who gives someone low marks during the holiday shopping season?

Yet, this smiley-face-on the-receipt-Heather, who checked us out at JC Penney was pretty annoying. And dumb.

First of all, we are returning an ugly sweater I bought on a whim. But that’s a whole other story about me lacking fashion sense.

Second of all, smiley-face-on-the-receipt-Heather asks my twelve-year-old son (who is with me as a witness that I am returning said ugly sweater) how old he is and wow, does he look older than his age. She guesses fifteen. (He is twelve.) Was she flirting with him in front of me?? Then she asked for him to guess how old she is. He guesses twenty. Turns out she is twenty-one-years-old. (Why did we carry on with this stupid banter? Probably because we are nice people. And it’s the Christmas season.)

Finally, she says, “Put your John Hancock right here. I don’t even know what that means. I just say it because it sounds cute.”

You don’t know what that means??? Hellooooo! John Hancock was the President of the Second Continental Congress and the first delegate to sign the Declaration of Independence. His signature was bold and big. His fanciful signature and his open demonstration of patriotism became second only to George Washington as a symbol of America’s struggle for independence.

My twelve-year-old knows this. And he also knows that smiley-face-on-the-receipt-Heather was flirting with him. Double ewwww.

Well, it sure made for interesting conversation on our drive home.

Oh, Just Tween Shopping


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Mother-daughter dates. They’re the best.

When mothers go shopping with nine-year-old daughters, sometimes ya just need to buy some tween stuff for yourselves. Why not?

After sifting through the Justin Bieber, Domo and Hello Kitty, here are a few of my new favorite things that we selected for ME during our shopping adventure at Claire’s.

My daughter is a great supporter, as in “Mom, you should totally buy that.”

  • strawberry hair clips with diamonds
  • Jack Skellington glow-in-the-dark ring (bought a matching one for my daughter. “Mom, we can totally match!”)
  • sparkly panda wallet (turns out plastic, sparkly wallets don’t stretch with all of my “grown up” stuff stuffed inside and the snap doesn’t quite snap. Kinda like my pants after Thanksgiving. That is, if my jeans had snaps. They don’t, Silly. They have stretch in them. Duh.)

Oh well. The fun was in seeking out the goods and treasures…with my daughter.

And don’t you want to be “in” with your daughter? Even just a TWEENSY bit?

Don’t “Survive” the Holidays; 6 Ways to Simplify


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There are five full weekends between now and Christmas. Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Do I want to spend those precious weekends stuffed in a stuffy, crowded store shopping (and sometimes shopping for people I don’t much care for)?
  2. Is my “SHOULD do” list bigger than my “WANT to do” list?
  3. Do I want to “survive” the Holidays? Or do I want to enjoy the season? (The season of sharing, joy, wonder, love, and cheer. Too gaggy? Sorry, but it’s one of my favorite times of the year. So SU (shut up).

I say Bah Humbug to those who say, “I’m just trying to survive Christmas.” Whoa. Drama Queen. Seriously? Get a grip. Seriously, there are people out there literally trying to survive. Open your eyes, don’t be so selfish, and tone down the drama.

Don’t be a victim! And don’t try to be an overachiever. This is from one overachiever to another. This is not the time for you to master a “SHOULD do” list.

Here are my six tips for how to simplify the Holiday season:

  • Ditch the Holiday cards this year. Facebook or email a picture of you in your Santa hat; you and your Dog wearing reindeer antlers; you and your family with matching sweaters. Whatever. What are people supposed to do with paper cards anyway? Use them for bookmarks? Hello? Kindle. (Seriously, I gave up sending cards a few years ago. The hassle of gathering your list together, addressing, writing personalized notes, buying the fancy, snowy stamps, locating everyone’s physical address…yikes…too time consuming.) Oh, and please don’t bother writing a family letter detailing your annual highlights and happenings. Again, Facebook.
  • Buy everyone the same thing and call it good. This year, it’s fart whistles for those on my list. If that is too inappropriate, there’s always warm, stripey socks. Or gift cards.

  • Make memories by doing the little things. It’s the little things that make memories (I wrote about that here.) Baking cookies, cutting paper snowflakes, decorating a gingerbread house, watching Christmas movies, going for a brisk walk and admiring all the lights and wacky-but-totally-awesome-kitschy lawn decor. (I heart the inflatables with Santas riding Harleys and giant snow globes.) But don’t force these homespun tasks or feel like you SHOULD do every one. Pick and choose. Who cares?
  • If you do do a cookie exchange, think bar cookie. When you swap five dozens of cookies with other lovely people, don’t make Martha Stewart-like sugar cookies or you’ll labor over those beauties for hours. Here are some recipes: http://www.bhg.com/recipes/desserts/cookies/bar-cookies/ Except, I took a peek and gag me on some of them. But, remember, you are giving these away and getting better ones, so don’t stress on making them perfect. 😉
  • Don’t waste precious weekend time in stuffy, crowded stores. Shop online. Most of the time, it’s free shipping. Even on fart whistles. But, if you must shop, pack the baby in her jammies, pop her into the stroller, and go the mall after 9:00 pm. No crowds.
  • Take a step back and evaluate. Maybe you’ll realize that you’ve got a lot of good going on. And maybe you want to be just a teensy bit more thankful? And maybe you’ll want to add “sharing joy, wonder, love, and cheer to those less fortunate” to your “to do” list this year.