The Quilt


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I love quilts. I love the history, craftsmanship, and artistry of the American quilt.

I have a historic American quilt, made with fine craftsmanship and artistry. My grandmother made it when I was a girl.

She sewed it by hand. I remember sitting at her feet, playing with my dolls.

Her sewing skills were impeccable. Her seams were perfect and tight. If the thread line was off, she would rip out the seam and start over. The finest of craftsmanship.

The colors and patterns in the quilt were bright mixed with pastels mixed with patterns mixed with florals. I remember the fabric being leftover from actual dresses she had sewn and worn.

In the end, the colors and patterns formed a masterpiece of art.

It took hours, days, and weeks to sew that quilt. Then, it was tucked away for safe keeping.

Many years later, at my wedding, that quilt was gifted to me. Gifted with so much love.

For a long time, I proudly hung that quilt on my wall, to admire. Then, I realized it would be more loved if I used it for snuggling and comforting. So now, every time I wrap myself under it, I am reminded of my grandmother and how she loved me so much.

My grandmother made this quilt for me. What a treasure.

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Threads of Life


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My grandmothers and great-grandmothers were quilters.¬†I’m a fan. The colors. The craftsmanship. The history. The metaphor: the quilt representing life. Especially the crazy quilt. I read that while many quilts have a repeating pattern, the beauty of a crazy quilt lies in its differences. Remember the movie How to Make an American Quilt?

My youngest son had eye surgery two weeks ago. He had a lump on his eyelid that needed to be removed. Worried parents. Anesthesia. Hospital gown. IV. He was wheeled away down the long hospital hallway. Brave boy. I couldn’t hold back the tears.

An hour later, he  emerged from surgery, that brave boy of mine. With a patch on his eye, he looked small, but relieved. Three new stitches in his eyelid.


Two days of recovery at home. Then, back to school. Back to tumbling class. Back to normal life. Two weeks later, the stitches came out.

And we now have another block to sew into our quilt of life. Just with three less stitches.


I spotted this beauty of a quilt here:


December is a Patchwork Quilt in our Home


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We have family, local, global, and even extra-terrestrial holiday celebrations in our American home.

  • Aliens and Legos visiting our Nativity scene? All are welcome.
  • Hannukah Harry? We love him.
  • Tree ornaments from Mexico and India? Passport not required.
  • Mr. Hanky? He is a sure-fire hit in our home. We cackle with laughter over this Christmas poo.
  • American classic movies: Christmas Vacation? Elf? A Christmas Story? Check. Check. Check.
  • Mexican wedding cookies? Yep, I make ’em.
  • Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker? Going.
  • Visiting Santa Claus at the mall? On our list.
  • Mormon Tabernacle Choir TV special? Celtic Christmas TV special? Two of my favorites.
  • Paper dreidels brought home from school? Game on.
  • Gingerbread house toppling over with too many gumdrops? Every year.
  • Winter solstice? We celebrate that too.
  • Advent calendar counting down the days of Christmas? It’s 11 days until Christmas, y’all.

In a previous post I wrote about Why Can’t We All Get Along (for the Holidays). It’s your choice. Mix it up. Or not.

We choose to mix it up and the result is a fun-filled, chock-full celebratory December quilt.