Hope and Strength


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Some say that daffodils are delicate and gentle.

Yes. But they are also symbols of hope and strength. Planted as ugly bulbs in the fall by hopeful people, daffodils are able to withstand the harshest of winters, emerging and blooming as cheery ambassadors of spring.

When planted, daffodils bulbs are tucked into the dirt to rest throughout the winter. Rest? No way! The bulb contains all the nutrients needed for flower production. Daffodils are hardy and can tolerate temperatures as low as -15 degrees Fahrenheit. No coats required! No complaining either!

Above the soil: rain, sleet, snow, ice. Meanwhile, the daffodil develops its root systems and undergoes a chemical change to prevent it from freezing. Daffodils remain dormant underground until the soil starts to warm again. Then, daffodils begin to poke through the soil with their green stems. Bold as you please! The green stalks suddenly open with their cheery attitudes and shades of yellow, after braving the longest of winters.


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Caught Off Guard At the Swimming Pool


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Looks can be deceiving. And eye opening.

The last time I took my kids swimming, it was: Splash! Slide! Marco Polo!

“You be the dolphin, I’ll be the shark!”

It was non-stop fun!

Another Mom caught my eye. She was a total hottie and was rocking her bikini. I stared. I couldn’t help it. She had a perfect body. I was instantly jealous.

Me? I was wearing my tankini. And, yeah, appropriately named. I kinda looked like a tank. But whatever.

The other Mom? She was gripping the pool’s edge. Not splashing. Or sliding. Or Marco Polo’ing. Or playing shark-eats-dolphin.

Why not??

I continued to glance over. What was her deal? Were her eyes sad? Wistful? I could feel her eyes on me. Was she watching me splash and play?

And then.

After the kids and I changed and piled into the car, I saw the bikini woman in the parking lot. Her face had a pained look; she was hurting. I now saw that she had M.S. and walked with a cane.


It was truly eye opening. My jealousy instantly vanished. And like the Grinch, my compassion grew three sizes that day.

Grinch's heart size (1)

Looks Can Be Deceiving


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A woman, with a severely deformed face, works at my kids’ elementary school. She is the recess teacher.

When you first look at her, she catches you off guard. Her eyes aren’t quite right. Her face droops. And you kinda stare. This woman looks like a Picasso painting.

But then your humanity and manners kick in. Perhaps she has a severe deformity from a horrible accident? Or she has elephantitis?

Why did the school hire THIS person? Actually, I think it’s great.

What a way to teach kids that everyone is different. And that looks can be deceiving.

My daughter told me the other day, “Mom, she is really nice. You can’t judge someone by their looks. Looks can be deceiving.”

Wow. My nine-year-old is wiser than her years.