Big Things


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It’s the little things in life that matter.


Around here, it’s the big things in life that matter…to me.

My husband. He is 6’3″ and his heart is equally as big. He is always up for a hike, buys me my favorite movies like Love Actually on Blu-Ray, and scrubs down the inside of the splattered microwave without me asking.

My oldest son. He is 6’4″ and tells me he loves me every time he walks out the door. At 17, he’s gone more than he’s home. School, work, friends, gym. So, I hear it a lot.

My daughter. She’s 5’9″, now taller than me. She is as fun as she is sweet. Kind as she is talented. Lovely as she is loving. All that and more.

My youngest son. He now reaches my chin, having grown three inches since summer. He is a joy to be around. The twinkle in his eyes indicates that he is up for an adventure. Or that he ate the last four Oreos.

My dog. At 115 lbs., he pulls me up the steep hills when we run together (whew!), takes up 3/4 of the bed when he stretches out, and is the best popcorn-catcher I know.

Big grocery bills. Big piles of laundry. Big smiles. Big laughs. Big hugs. Big love.

Big gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

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My Disco Ball Necklace


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Some things just make me giddy with excitement. For example, I bought a crystal, heart necklace for $12. When the sun shines on it, a thousand light beams glimmer and sparkle and flicker in every direction.

I didn’t realize I had, in fact, purchased a disco ball necklace. Who knew $12 could buy giddiness?

No necklace? No worries. To get your disco funk on, check out this article, and you’ll be groovin’ in seconds.

Love my new disco ball necklace! Sparkly!

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It’s the Little Things That Make Memories, Stupid


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Little things make big memories. Remember that.

I don’t think it’s always the mega family trip to Disneyland that makes the best memories for children. The term “making memories” is often too forced and there are sky-high expectations associated with “the annual family vacation.”

Y’all saw National Lampoon’s Vacation, right? Was it Walley World that Rusty and Audrey will always remember? Or was it the bits and pieces along the way–aka the journey–that will make a lasting impression?

I think it’s the little things that happen on the fly that might fuel the memories. Here are 17 little things that go on around here:, that just might make the cut:

  1. laughing at farts
  2. buying milkshakes on a freezing, rainy day
  3. lying in bed, side by side, reading
  4. having a proper burial service for our hamster, Popcorn, under the tree in our backyard
  5. hollering at the Canadian Snow Geese flying overhead: “HAPPY MIGRATION!” in the middle of the grocery store parking lot…at the top of our lungs
  6. listening to the coins and zippers clanking in the dryer (my daughter says she loves that sound as she drifts off to sleep. Maybe because she knows she is well taken care of with clean laundry?)
  7. butterfly kisses
  8. firecracker sundaes on the 4th of July. You put sparklers in a hot fudge sundae. Instant magic.
  9. whooping it up when Kevin from Home Alone kicks butt against the two bad guys. Kid power at its finest.
  10. doing the popcorn dance: punching the air as the kernels burst into popcorn into our popcorn popper (Oh and I highly recommend this brand available but I’ve seen it cheaper at other stores
  11. pop + popcorn + movie on Friday nights
  12. giving my daughter one of my favorite pair of earrings. Just because.
  13. pomegranates and egg nog in November. Always.
  14. singing “Do Your Boobs Hang Low” at the top of our lungs in the car
  15. French toast for dinner
  16. cutting out paper snowflakes and displaying them in the front window–each and every one of them–even if the holes are gaping and they really look like Charlie Brown’s ghost costume
  17. just talking and listening

What good memories will stay with truly stay with children as they get older? I don’t know…my kids are still young.

But don’t ya want to enjoy the journey? And the molehills will turn into mountains–on their own–because little memories add up. Big time.