If You Give a Girl a Knife


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When my daughter was three, we gave her a mini kitchen with pots and pans and bins of plastic food. Pies! Peas! Corn! Sushi! Cupcakes! Fried Chicken!

She loved everything about food preparation and serving. She would “roast” a fake chicken, “bake” pies, and “chop” floppy carrots. For years, she would prep and serve us at her cafe. When she was older, she would write menus for us to order from. And she would expect payment.

Now at 13, her time spent in the kitchen has lessened and her cooking is infrequent. However, if you give that girl a knife, she’ll make a fruit plate in minutes. She chops vegetables like a Kitchen Knife Ninja.

On the sidelines at a recent soccer game, I was talking to some mothers about daughters and their lack of interest in cooking. I told my “knife story” about how my daughter is a pro with a knife.

One of the Moms looked at me like I was insane. You give her knives?? That’s scary!

Um. Pioneer women sliced open buffalo with knives.

It’s not like I handed my daughter a knife and ordered Chop Now! It began with safety skills. Duh. Don’t slice toward your hand. Watch those fingers.

Kitchen skills are about teaching confidence, self sufficiency, survival. Kitchen skills are life skills.

I mean, what would she do if she encountered pineapple?

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Ole for Guacamole!


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Teach a man to make guacamole…and he’ll forever be the life of the fiesta.

I mean, who doesn’t LOVE guacamole?!

Talk about life skills. The other night, we made fish tacos. My teen needed something to do. Because. Too much texting.

My husband is known for his mad guacamole skills and it was time to share them.

As a result, that night, my son learned a little more about Cooking 101. We hold “cooking class” every now and then. You know, scrambled eggs one day, smoothies another, then French toast, chocolate chip cookies, quesadillas. Good, basic life skills.

  • Wash, slice, scoop, mash.
  • Slice tomatoes, chop cilantro and onions.
  • Squirt lime.
  • Sprinkle garlic and salt.
  • Mix.

And grin. Because, bam!

Important life skills learned. Family together time. And bam, instant fiesta.

Que bueno!