The Carousel


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I used to devour cotton candy, corn dogs, Cheetos, and root beer!

Now that stuff makes me sick.

I used to love roller coasters, spinning rides, and hanging upside down!

Now those make me nauseated.

I used to adore trampolines!

Now they make me pee.

But I can still ride the carousel! We rode the carousel to celebrate the first day of summer vacation. We must have ridden a dozen times in a row. Wheee! A hand-carved beauty of a carousel, dating back to 1911. I rode the horse, then the dog, then the cat, then the other horse, then the pig, then the frog. On the magical carousel, I was young again!


All the (mild) spinning combined with the heat of the afternoon was enough to make me dizzy. Ugh. Nix carousel riding.

Thank goodness for sky-high, soft serve ice cream cones to the rescue. That, I can handle!

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I’ve Got Spirit, How About You?!


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I always wanted to be a cheerleader. But I never tried out.

I yelled loudly. I knew the cheers. I had spirit.

But I lacked the confidence to try out. You know what? I was on the tennis and track team at my high school. Yep, total jock. 🙂

It wasn’t until years later that I gave cheerleading another try. When I became a parent.

You can find me on the sidelines at most games. Football, soccer, basketball. I yell. I cheer. I have spirit.

Win or lose, I am my childrens’ biggest fan.

I. Am. A. Cheerleader.

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Serenity…Not Now


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Some people take a walk in nature to find peace, quiet, and serenity

Some people. But not me.

When I bring my kids on a hike, it’s more like:

  • Can acid blow up snow?
  • What if I attached a rocket pack to a port-a-potty?
  • Are there piranhas in the lake?
  • Where do they mine emeralds?
  • Who would win, a python or a bear?

And then:

“Can we stop and get Dairy Queen on our way home?”

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Nice Buns


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Yeah, yeah. We’re trying to eat healthier as a family. Blah, blah.

I’ve been buying whole wheat hamburger buns for years. The kids don’t like them. They end up eating the burger but leaving the bun. Another bun bites the dust.

Then, I tried the not-so-wheaty buns. Alas, they were also neglected. My attempts at healthier eating weren’t going so well.

Next, we tried the super thin (tortilla-thin), multi-grain buns. Gag. The kids hated them. Damn. I bought a ginormous bag of them at Costco.

So tonight, we went back to the old school, fluffy, white buns with sesame seeds. I don’t think they have an ounce of wheat in them. And tonight, the hamburgers–and their accompanying buns–were eaten. Every last seed.

Nice buns.


Boom Boom Pow = Shut The Front Door


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Ringtones. They are brilliant.

My boss has her own ringtone. It’s Boom Boom Pow by The Black-Eyed Peas.

And whenever my phone rings–Gotta get-get, gotta get-get–my kids know they had better: Shut. The. Front. Door.

I work out of my home office most of the time.

I also have loud children.

So, it’s been kinda like Pavlov’s “classical conditioning” and his dogs.

Ivan Pavlov was a Russian physiologist who was known for his famous experiments. He presented dogs with a ringing bell followed by food. Every time a bell would ring, the dogs would salivate and then they would get fed. After much conditioning, the dogs learned to respond with saliva every time they heard the bell.

Pavlov = Pippi

Dogs = kids

Bell = Boom Boom Pow ringtone

Salivating dogs = quiet kids

Treat = treat

…and it worked.


Ice Skating With My Two Sillies


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I took my kids ice skating at the local ice rink.

This outing was different. I think I have changed. For the better.

I realize that my two sillies are teaching me a bunch as we go. A bunch about just enjoying the moment.

I used to obsess that we get our money’s worth. “Let’s get out there and skate! Hurry! No resting!”

It took us like 11 minutes to get our skates laced, coats zipped, gloves on. Then, hobbling. Teetering. Onto the slippery ice.

Only two laps around and I needed to rest my ankles. The throbbing!

It took my seven year old precisely 14 minutes to skate one lap.

Then. He asked for nachos and root beer. Normally I would say, “You’re hungry already?” And encourage him to skate more because “We didn’t come here to eat.”

But not this time. I pulled out my wallet. The three of us sat around the little table laughing, eating nachos, watching the zaboni.

A few more laps. More resting. More giggling. A few falls. Some hand-holding. More resting. More giggling.

With all the hobbling, teetering, laughing, resting, snacking, and sillying, we probably only got in 40 minutes of skating. But who cares? It’s probably the non-skating moments that we’ll remember more.

As we unlaced and ditched the skates, my kids said to me, “we had the best time ever.”

Yeah, me too.

photo (3)

photo (5) photo (4)

Mouth Guards And Wings


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At the hospital, the nurses told me to hold my newborn like a football when I fed him.

Now this six-foot-tall young man plays football. With swarms of teenager girls watching.

I was not prepared for this.

I have mothered this boy-man for 13 years. As the years and milestones pass, I try to support his independence, steer his choices, but ultimately let go. And it’s difficult.

One of my favorite parenting mantras is:

“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give to our children. One of them is roots. The other is wings.”

I’m better at the roots part. You know, the love and nurturing part?

I am trying to be better at the wings part.

Take for example, football. Do I want my son playing a sport where his body is jostled around and he is required to wear a mouth guard–not only to protect his pretty teeth but to prevent jaw injuries at mega impact? It’s nerve-racking signing all of the concussion waivers. It’s also kinda awesome seeing him in his full gear–with helmet and pads–looking like a man.

He really really wants to play. And he is committed to doing his best.

I am proud of his dedication and enthusiasm. And because of this, I must let go and let him grow. And be his cheerleader.

I can’t help but think of the children’s song, Eagles, which sums up my belief in raising children: letting go.

May this big boy of mine fly down that football field with his mouth guard and his budding wings. I will be watching with love, support, and faith in him. And I may also be sporting a tear or two.

These pictures show me with my son then…now.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


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Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Unless it’s a button that just went up your daughter’s nose. A few years back, when we were vacationing in Canada, my daughter quickly located the miniature sewing kit in the bathroom, with the oh-so-pretty, shiny buttons.

And she promptly stuck one up her nose. Way up.

Yikes. So far up did that button travel, that we hesitated to prod with a finger.

Crap. Do they have 911 in Canada? Didn’t we pass an Emergency Room en route to our hotel?

We were sweating the small stuff.

Fortunately, my oldest son suggested she blow it out, like a booger.

Out it came. And off to dinner we went.

The end.

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“I’m Bored.”


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“I’m bored.”

You’re WHAT??!!

I can’t accept boredom from children. My children or anyone’s children. At my house. In the middle of summer.

  • There are crafts. Bendaroos. Play-doh. Modeling clay. Water paint. Acrylics. Markers. Stickers. Stamps. Hole punchers.
  • There’s a puppy. He loves to play. And cuddle. And wrestle. And fetch.
  • There’s Xbox 360 and Kinect. Party games, sports games, Lego games, shooter games, dance games.
  • There are board games. Would You Rather? Sorry. Monopoly. Trouble. Operation. Bird Bingo. And about 20 others.
  • There are outside toys. Bikes. Scooters. Pogo Stick. Roller skates. Full-size basketball hoop. Chalk. Giant bubbles. Frisbees.
  • There’s an outside swimming pool, sandbox, swingset. Or I’d be happy to set up the sprinkler.
  • Nerf guns. AirSoft guns if you’re over 13.
  • Oh yeah and what about tag. Kick ball. Hide-and-go-seek.
  • Snacks. Pizza. Juice. Ice cream sandwiches. Watermelon cut in wedges.
  • There are Legos. Zoobles. Littlest Pet Shop. Star Wars figures. Ponies. Barbies. And, oh, about 58 stuffed animals.
  • Movies. Take your pick.

Do kids really need prompting these days? Do they need an activity list of things to choose from?


When I was a kid and was told, “Go and play.” I did. And I didn’t ask what to play.

I chased after the ice cream truck on my bike. My sister and I played Frogger on Atari. I read everything by Judy Blume. I showed my friend how Barbie and Ken could make babies. I sketched. I played kickball and Nerf football with the neighbor kids in the street. I caught frogs and lightning bugs at my Dad’s. I did rubber stamps and stickers. I sprawled on my friend’s pink carpet while listening to the Grease soundtrack. I crank-called strangers. I practiced kissing in the mirror. I tried out cookie recipes. I wrote in my diary. I bought Fun Dip and Jolly Rancher Sticks at 7-11. I stared at the clouds. I watched The Brady Bunch and The Beverly Hillbillies. I made those goofy nylon potholders with my goofy potholder loom.

And if I said “I’m bored,” I would be given chores, which quickly shut me up.

So, if you’re a kid at my house and I hear “I’m bored,” I just may hand you a shovel. And you can pick up dog poop. #choices

What are some of the things YOU did as a kid?


The Princess and the Pee


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Peeing the bed. It happens.

Yeah, I used to pee my bed as a kid. Thankfully. that habit ended when I hit about 10 years old.

But girls have slumber parties and sleep over at their friends’ houses. Sometimes they have sleeping bags. Sometimes they share a bed. Once, I was at a friend’s house and we slept on her cushiony, four-poster bed. It was made for a princess! So high, so fancy!

We giggled, told scary stories, and drank cherry Kool-Aid.

And then.

I awoke the next morning to discover I had peed the bed. Her bed. Like, all the way through. All the way through that fancy, cushiony mattress.

Then she woke up. And I did what all smart (and guilty) nine-year-old’s would do.

I denied it.

How about you? Want to comment about a funny or not-so-funny pee story?

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