Juicy Eyeballs


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Time for my eye exam!

They took a picture of the back of my eye and showed me so I could ooh and aah at my veins and vessels, my macula and fovea, and whatnot. I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at.

Why does everything look so shiny? I asked.

Because you eat lots of vegetables. You have healthy eyes!
They told me.

Well, whaddya know.

My vegetable consumption is paying off in health benefits. All those f’ing spinach salads and cauliflower. Read here about the wonder vegetables for healthy eyeballs.

It seems that I have hit the magic age when my face is starting to droop, wrinkles are appearing, and hairs are sprouting in all the wrong places.

So, when I heard that I have juicy eyeballs, it kinda made my day.

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The Journey


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I try to get a run in whenever I have the chance. Always with my essentials:

  1. Otis.
  2. Two poop bags.
  3. Trusty New Balance shoes.
  4. A sturdy bra.
  5. A ball cap.
  6. A camera.

A camera?? I often stop along the run to take pictures of flowers (while Otis sniffs). For me, running is not only exercise and de-stressing. It’s me time, Otis-and-me time, time to enjoy the journey.

Maybe the flowers’ bright and smiling faces serve as encouragement along the way?

A quilt of flower photos.

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You’re a Rockstar!


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“Holy cow! You’re a rockstar!” praised the imaging technician when I completed my mammogram.

I nearly high-fived her with so much excitement and all! I guess I’m pretty good at having my breasts flattened like Flat Stanley. Go me! Go team!

Go you. Go get your mammogram scheduled. You can handle it. Read here about what a mammogram entails. The American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms for women who are 40 and older. If you’re in your 20s and older, monthly breast self examinations and an annual clinical breast exams are recommended.

So, whatever you call them…

Breasts, boobs, boobies, tatas, girls, bosoms, titties, jugs, melons, hooters, tits, knockers, twins, blossoms…

Get ’em checked. Go be a rockstar.

Get 'em checked. #mammogram

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Speculums and Pulling Taffy


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Head, shoulders, knees, and toes

Eyes and ears and breasts and vaginas

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes!

It’s been a month of check-ups, head to toe. And everything in between.

Had my nose and ears checked. Whew, no salmonella poisoning or brain tumor. Read more about that diagnosis here.

Had my lady parts checked out. You know, my bits and pieces. Vagina. Ovaries. Uterus. Cervix. All the good stuff. Speculum anyone?

Had my breasts checked for lumps and whatnot. That bi-annual mammogram was super fun. Like pulling taffy. Who knew that breasts could stretch. So. Far. And they went back to their original shape, just like Stretch Armstrong. “As you were.”

Next month, it’s the dentist. I can’t wait!

Go on, get your appointments made. You deserve to be healthy. Take care of yourselves, y’all!

Speculums are my favorite!

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Friends urge friends to get mammograms. We deserve healthy and happy breasts. Now, time to go bra shopping!

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How Do You Like Them Apples


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I know some fruit haters. Or maybe they are just plain haters.

For example, when striking up a conversation as I often do, I’ll blurt out “Yeah, I’m trying to eat more clean and reduce my sugar.”

And the other person answers, “You mean no fruit too, right?”

As if. They are orange haters and apple haters and blueberry haters.

Yeah no. I mean no Chips Ahoy and Skittles and Red Vines, you bitch.

I find nothing offensive about an apple. Do you?

In fact, according to this article, “the phytonutrients in apples can help you regulate your blood sugar. Recent research has shown that apple polyphenols can help prevent spikes in blood sugar through a variety of mechanisms…The polyphenols in apple have been shown to lessen absorption of glucose from the digestive tract; to stimulate the beta cells of the pancreas to secrete insulin; and to increase uptake of glucose from the blood via stimulation of insulin receptors.”

With 7,500 known varieties of apples and more than 69 million tons of apples grown worldwide, apples are kinda popular. Really, a perfect anytime snack. And they are excellent for juggling.

So how do you like them apples?

How do you like them apples?

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Mad juggling skills.

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I Did a Cleanse: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly


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Yep. I did the Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox Cleanse. You can too. Check it out here:

Basically, you fuel your body with four complete meals a day in the form of smoothies/juices, which contain mostly vegetables and fruits and some fats and some protein. Dr. Oz suggests that by doing this cleanse, you will eliminate harmful toxins, restore your system, and reset your body. Was he right?

I eliminated. I reset. I restored.

This detox cleanse reminded me that I can do ANYTHING for three days. Here are the pros and cons from my experience:

  1. I consumed A LOT of vegetables and fruits. Probably 4x of what I normally consume daily. This was a good reminder to eat more vegetables and fruits daily.
  2. More fiber in, more fiber out. It’s really that simple.
  3. I was hydrated. I peed so much that my pee was clear. (Maybe it was all the green tea and celery acting as a diuretic to flush everything out?)
  4. I learned new ways of making smoothies…such as combining avocado and frozen berries and coconut milk make a pretty damn good faux ice cream.
  5. I was OK for breakfast, lunch, and snack, but by dinner time, I was ready for dinner dinner. Not another smoothie.
  6. I missed chewing my food and I missed hot food.
  7. My sugar cravings were gone. Instead, I was craving a salad or a piece of fish. (I guess that’s the resetting part.)
  8. I lost 5 lbs.
  9. I didn’t feel like I was getting enough protein. Aerobic exercise and cleansing don’t mix that well, at least for me. I tried running one day, elliptical one day, and weights one day. I think that was too much exertion with so little protein. I felt sorta shaky.
  10. I realized I really do hate raw kale. I had to swap the kale for spinach.
  11. Pooping once a day is nice. But pooping twice a day, is twice as nice. And when you consume spinach and berries and flax by the truckload, your poop is quite, uh, colorful. 🙂watermelon poop


I Am Thankful for Dirty Laundry


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‘Tis the season to be thankful. Thankful for dirty dishes? Thankful for eye wrinkles?

It’s all in the way you look at things. I am thankful for:

  1. Dirty dishes. We always have plenty of food.
  2. Sand in my car. My car reliably transports us to the beach.
  3. Dog fur on my clothes. My puppy loves to cuddle.
  4. Expensive grocery store bills. My kids have good appetites.
  5. Long work hours. I have a good job.
  6. An errand to Home Depot. It’s a date with my husband.
  7. Being a chauffeur. My kids have interests.
  8. A noisy house. My family is thriving.
  9. Dirty football cleats. My kids are active.
  10. Gloomy, rainy days. The grass is always green.
  11. Piles of dirty laundry. I am needed.
  12. Stepping on Legos with bare feet. My kids are creative.
  13. My mortgage. My house is my home.
  14. My children yelling. They are normal.
  15. My slow-ass jogging. I am trying.
  16. Eye wrinkles. Lots of smiling and laughing going on.
  17. Exhaustion. My life is full.

Life. Health. Family. Love. Abundance. To be needed. I am thankful for it all.

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Get Your Mammogram, Yo!


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Whether you have breasts like nectarines, onions, or butternut squash (no judgement here)–or somewhere in between–experts recommend getting a mammogram starting at age 40. Or earlier if you have a family history of breast cancer.

Here’s a good link with facts about how mammograms save lives.

I had a mammogram just the other day.

Let me tell you, it was fun!

Well, maybe not fun fun, as in let’s-go-have-some-margaritas fun, but definitely not bad. Here’s what happens:

1. You take off your clothes on top, wipe off your deodorant, and put on a lovely gown with a snap (oh and openings on the side, so you really hang out).

2. In the imaging room, the mammogram technician helps place one of your breasts onto the platter. And you grab onto the handle while this machine smashes your breast flat as a pita, while the technician clicks an image (maybe to put on Facebook?) and tells you to hold your breath for like 3 seconds. Easy peasy.

3. Repeat on the other side. You don’t want that breast to feel left out.

4. Then you do a side breast smash for each breast. Click (say cheese).

5. Then you’re done.

6. It takes about 8 minutes for the procedure altogether. And you have the chance to chit-chat with the technician while you’re standing there with your snap unsnapped and your breasts are hanging out. #awkward

But no pain, just a little pressure. You can handle it! Schedule your mammogram today. And when you do, tell them Pippi sent you.

Pippi’s Peppy Popeye Smoothies


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Is that spinach in your smoothie, or are you happy to see me?

I wrote about the ease and nutrition of protein breakfast smoothies awhile back. Check that here. My newest ingredient? Spinach. Yeah, you heard me. They are officially renamed to Pippi’s Peppy Popeye Smoothies. These nutrition-packed suckers are perfect for when I am running late. Getting the kids out the door for school. And oops, I forgot one of my earrings. And my navy tights don’t match my black outfit. And where is my phone and where are my keys? Time to go. NOW.

But wait! Don’t forget to eat your salad for breakfast! (Seriously, you can’t even taste it. It just looks a teensy bit gaggy.) You, too, can buzz up the smoothie while yelling “Hurry! Time to go! Finish your breakfast! Brush your teeth! Shoes on! Jackets! Backpacks!”

Just talk to my friend Sara, who also sneaks in vegetables. She’s on Twitter @Sar_Wah and her blog is http://www.tisthelife.com/. She’s a super healthy Mum who tries to eat right and have a fulfilling life. Go Sara!

Pippi’s Peppy Popeye Smoothies

  • a blender
  • a cup or so of nonfat milk
  • a banana
  • big scoop or 2 Tbs. protein powder (preferably plain)
  • handful of frozen blueberries
  • two ginormous handfuls of washed, fresh spinach

Check out the jumbo bag of spinach. I don’t know whether to eat it. Or sleep on it.

Breakfast is important. Partake! And maybe, with the added spinach, you can kick some ass today.

One word for ya, Demi Moore: EAT


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Oh, Demi Moore. I liked you with chubbier cheeks. You are now a skeleton and did you know that Halloween is over?

Here’s one word for ya: EAT.

The media targets women with headlines that scream “she’s too fat,” with Kirstie Alley and Jessica Simpson getting the majority of these grocery store-line headlines. Kirstie has been the butt of a lot of jokes; as in check-out-her-big-butt. And while I secretly utter a mean little “ha ha,” I actually feel bad for these women. They are getting singled out for their size. Yo-yo dieting sucks. Thickening around the middle sucks. And to have your cellulite photographed in the most unflattering way? Or to have yourself photographed shoveling down Costco cake? I imagine that that also sucks. (More on Costco cake soon. I have an addiction.)

But the media also hits with the “wasting away: too skinny” headlines. I even saw one about “pin-thin Kate Middleton.” Pin-thin? I have never been described as a pin, nor would ever want to. These too-skinny Hollywood actresses have made this list in recent months: Katie Holmes, Kate Bosworth, LeAnn Rimes, Kate Middleton (OK, not from Hollywood, but she steals headlines), Nicole Richie.

Seems to me–or it is my experience anyway–that men do not want non-eating skeletons as girlfriends or wives. That most men prefer a partner who can partake in a heaping pile of nachos and throw back some beers. Instead of “no thanks, I’m on the cotton ball diet.” Have you heard of that one? Scary. See here for crazy-ass fad diets. But please don’t try them at home.

In Hollywood, as a woman, you’re screwed if you’re too fat. Or if you’re too skinny.

Women and mothers: Don’t wither away. Nourish yourselves. Eat.

My kids–who have a pretty good sense of healthy eating and exercise, but who also have been exposed to ideal body image in our American culture–say that I’m just right. And that’s OK for me.

Nachos and beer anyone?