The Patch


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Our family has been going to the pumpkin patch for years. We love it! Pumpkins everywhere! The shades of orange! The shapes and sizes!

Pick any pumpkin you want, guys! Except this year, there weren’t any pumpkins. Um. It’s a pumpkin patch. Where are all the pumpkins?

Usually, there’s a huge spread of pumpkins right when you enter. Orange wherever you look. This time, there was just a sprinkling of pumpkins. Usually, pumpkins line the path to the corn maze. Nary a pumpkin lining the path this year. Usually, there’s a hidden pumpkin patch if you dare to walk through the corn. This time, it was just a muddy field.

“I was robbed!” Just as Sally utters in It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

That is why our pumpkin patch picture this year was Children of the Corn.

But we found the bright side. There were corn stalks galore. Ample mud to squish around in. And, my youngest found me a prized heart rock!

When life gives you an empty pumpkin patch, head to the grocery store! We bailed.

Fortunately, Safeway had a wide selection of pumpkins in many shades of orange, in all shapes and sizes! We picked out our six (including one for Otis) and had so much money leftover that we bought three kinds of ice cream.

You could say that we made sundaes out of empty patches.

Happy Halloween, y’all!

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The Best $3.99 I Ever Spent


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The spotty lizard-snake whispered to us at Goodwill. Much like the snake that whispered to Harry Potter.

Except this was a lizard-snake costume. And it didn’t whisper; the price tag yelled: $3.99.

How could we not buy it?

My son already had his Halloween costume picked out three weeks prior. Spiderman. I let him wear it whenever he wanted. So he did. Daily. Until it became Spiderman shreds. Read that post here.

When Halloween came around, it was spotty lizard-snake to the rescue. Paired with his sister’s tights, it was a hit.

That was two years ago. Since then, that costume has been worn regularly. Worn to play video games. To play hide-and-seek. To sleep in. To lend to friends to wear to play video games, etc.

I’m not sure how much longer the lizard-snake costume will still fit. One day, it will likely return to Goodwill for another boy to get his $3.99 worth.

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He Wore a Pocahontas Dress


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Behind-the-scenes one Halloween.

I bought a Pocahontas dress for my youngest son. So he could match his big brother, who proudly spent his own money on the feather headdress.

We pushed “Pocahontas” in a stroller when we went trick-or-treating, refilling his hands with Tootsie roll pops, to keep him happy.

My daughter was a bunny and wore her pink cowgirl boots. We didn’t notice that they were on the wrong feet until three hours later. Clomp, clomp, clomp!

That was one Halloween. There have been dozens of Halloweens with children. Dozens before the children.

Going through old photos of Halloweens past, I enjoy reminiscing. The photos didn’t make me sad. OK, maybe a little.

Where did the time go?? They grow up so fast!! 

Adults always make those comments about children. I think those comments are irritating. I mean, time flies. Children grow. That’s how it works. Enjoy the moments. Enjoy the memories. Move on and have more moments. Make more memories.

While those October 31, 2006 moments (and the candy) were quickly gone, the memories and backstories will always remain.

Happy Halloween!

One Halloween…

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Is it time to trick-or-treat? Not yet.





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Threads and Strings


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When you buy your child his Halloween costume three weeks early, chances are he will wear it everyday. And everywhere.

In the car, while shopping, to pick up his sister at soccer practice, around the house, even as jammies.

And when Halloween actually comes, his Spiderman costume may be missing some velcro, or the seams may have torn, or the mask may be missing.

But that’s OK, because his costume made him happy the entire month of October.

Happy Halloween!

Spiderman takes a break.

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Blood and Popcorn Kernels


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You know what scares me?

Clink! Klank! Rattle!

The sound of popcorn kernels in the garbage disposal.

My friend and I both share the fear of reaching into the sink to remove kernels. Because. Blood spewing. And. Bones chipping.

I glanced over at the switch to make sure it was off. Then, I  reached deep, deep, into the slimy pit. Feeling around and digging out popcorn kernels from the garbage disposal. One by one.

The fear that the switch would suddenly flip on and my fingers would get mangled by the blade and my bones would be churned into bits. Blood spurting everywhere. The disposal cutting into my hand, eating its way up to my wrist.

So now when I hear–Clink! Klank! Rattle!–I stay the hell away from the sink. And let those little suckers rattle away to their death, sparing my fingers and bones another day.

Enjoy those popcorn balls!

Check out those balls!

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A Disco Guy, A Labrador, and a Witch


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What do you get when a disco guy, a Labrador, and a witch walk into a neighborhood?

Trick-or-treating and twenty-eight lbs. of candy. If I consume too many of those Snickers, my broom won’t have lift off.

Check out my son’s moves!

And, for a good laugh, check out my moves! Yeah, obviously, he didn’t get his dancing genes from me.

And now. Onto November. But maybe let’s not put away the broom just yet. 😉

I Am a Halloween Misfit


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There is a time and place to dress up as a Playboy bunny for Halloween. Halloween is the right time. But church is not the right place.

See, it was because I was a teenager and didn’t know much. My friend and I went to a Halloween party at my neighbor’s church. It was a friendly church with a fun congregation that set up a haunted house throughout the church halls. A “ghoul” even played creepy music on the organ.

Black leotards, black fishnet stockings, bunny ears, and a cotton tail. And that’s about it. My friend and I screamed sexy.

Clearly, we were underdressed.

I should have worn that costume another time. Like when I got invited to a cool Halloween party at a senior’s house in high school. And I was only a sophomore.

Amid a sea of sexy costumes–Wonder Woman, sexy witch, sexy police officer, sexy Minnie Mouse–I came dressed as an old lady.

That’s right. I wore a grey-haired wig, with knee-high panty hose falling down, a frumpy print polyester dress, and wrinkles drawn on my face. Ooops, wrong place for an old lady costume.

Clearly, I was overdressed.

Dang. I never seem to get Halloween quite right. Read here for yet another failed time-and-place Halloween costume.

Dressed sexy or not so much, Happy Halloween to all of you Halloween misfits!


I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags


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“Hey Mom, can we go thrift shopping?”

My eight-year-old son is a natural ham. Bring him to Goodwill and he’s like what, what, what, what, what can I try on?

I wear your granddad’s clothes, I look incredible 

I’m in this big ass coat from that thrift shop down the road

We didn’t buy that big-ass pimp coat that day. But we did score a groovy polyester ’70’s button-down shirt and a full-length dookie brown dog costume for Halloween. Both for twenty dollars in my pocket.


Here’s the original video:

Here’s a funny parody:

Green Halloween


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We were hot 21-year-olds. My boyfriend and I were in college. No curfew. We could go to night clubs.

We oozed hotness.

It was Halloween night. A party at a club. We were SO there.

The doors opened at 7:30 p.m. So, yeah, we were there on time.


Apparently, the cool peeps arrive at 10:00 p.m. or later. Even on a Tuesday.

Oh. Oops.

Have you ever been to a club early? The DJ hadn’t yet arrived. When crowds of people don’t fill the dance floor, you notice the dinginess. And how echo-y it is.

At least we were set costume-wise.

My boyfriend was Frankenstein. He was tall. His face and neck and arms were painted green. Hair died black and gelled just so. A fake bolt went through his neck. His too-short blazer purchased at Goodwill was perfectly Frankenstein.

I was the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz. Black dress and hat. My face and neck and arms were painted green. Fake warts on my nose. Pointy hat. The accent? I had it down, my little pretty.

We were Team Green.

A couple of drinks. Chit chat.

A couple of hours later, the slutty nurses started to arrive. Along with the Playboy bunnies. And French maids in boustiers. Pirates wearing patches and little else.

We were clearly over clothed.

Too green, I guess.

New to the club scene.

Oh and it took like three showers to scrub the green out of our skin.