Just Add Baubles


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In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to forget taking care of yourself. Your mind and body. There are countless tips on how to reduce holiday stress such as letting go of your to do list, going for a walk in the fresh air, blah blah blah.

How about buying yourself a new bra or two? I’ve written about the power of bras before.

I mean, ’tis the season to put those baubles on display and let them shine! I took 15 minutes out of my day yesterday to try on bras and ended up buying myself a gift.

The gift of confidence. The gift of happiness. The gift of lift.

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Mr. Pickle


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I am a winner!

Actually, my daughter is the winner. She won a Mr. Pickle. At the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, she played skee ball with such accuracy that the dolphin leapt across the board into first place.

My daughter could be an Olympic skee baller.

She selected a Mr. Pickle as her prize and gifted him to me without prompting. OK, maybe a little. I could not resist his greenness, his glasses, his mustache, and his little shoes. And the fact that he was shaped like a…giggle…pickle. I gleefully accepted, squealing Thank You!

Mr. Pickle was promptly secured with a seatbelt in the back seat, as he quickly became the newest member of the family.

With a daughter like mine, I too, am a winner.

Mr. Pickles!

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I won a Mr. Pickle!

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Love and Rocks


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I am loved.

Forget the heart boxes with chocolates by the pound. I have pounds and pounds of heart-shaped rocks that I have collected over the years.

My daughter finds them for me wherever she goes. These are my treasures.

Proof. Of. Love. All. Year. Long.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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The Gift


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Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to swim.

One fine afternoon, she adjusted her goggles and dove deep into the ocean. She swam deeper and deeper and deeper, until she reached the bottom.

When she swam back to the surface, she opened her fist to reveal a gift. A heart-shaped rock. Which she proudly and lovingly presented to her mother.

She presented me with a heart rock.

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Three Peas


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Four yards of fabric were required, apparently. Two yards of green fleece, one yard of green satin, and one yard of red satin. And green thread and a package of buttons.

It was to be a big project, she said. My daughter directed me to meet her in the “green section” later, because she knew exactly what she needed. She had a plan to make me a birthday present.

I did as I was instructed. Including letting her determine the amount of fabric required. Including paying $28 for four yards of fabric.

That afternoon, I heard her sewing machine humming away. All I could do was smile.

And then, on my birthday, my daughter presented me with a small package that I carefully unwrapped.

It was a pea pod with three peas smiling back at me. It fit in the palm of my hand. It melted my heart.

My daughter knew that I always likened my three children to three peas. She knew that one of my favorite Christmas ornaments is a pea pod with three smiling peas wearing Santa hats with their names written on them.

It was the sweetest, most thoughtful gift. A big and small project, made with so much love and so little fabric.

Sporty and crafty and sweet. All rolled into one.

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A wonderful present my daughter made me! #symbolism

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The Quilt


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I love quilts. I love the history, craftsmanship, and artistry of the American quilt.

I have a historic American quilt, made with fine craftsmanship and artistry. My grandmother made it when I was a girl.

She sewed it by hand. I remember sitting at her feet, playing with my dolls.

Her sewing skills were impeccable. Her seams were perfect and tight. If the thread line was off, she would rip out the seam and start over. The finest of craftsmanship.

The colors and patterns in the quilt were bright mixed with pastels mixed with patterns mixed with florals. I remember the fabric being leftover from actual dresses she had sewn and worn.

In the end, the colors and patterns formed a masterpiece of art.

It took hours, days, and weeks to sew that quilt. Then, it was tucked away for safe keeping.

Many years later, at my wedding, that quilt was gifted to me. Gifted with so much love.

For a long time, I proudly hung that quilt on my wall, to admire. Then, I realized it would be more loved if I used it for snuggling and comforting. So now, every time I wrap myself under it, I am reminded of my grandmother and how she loved me so much.

My grandmother made this quilt for me. What a treasure.

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Love and Chocolate (Lovin’ Chocolate)


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Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

Except when it comes to Valentine’s Day. As a child, I always knew what I was gonna get. A box of chocolates. And not just your everyday drugstore box of chocolates. My mother always gifted me a one-pound box of See’s chocolates. Nuts and chews, of course. My favorite.

This was back when you couldn’t order See’s online. Yeah, because there was no “online.” You had to go to the special See’s store where the workers wore black and white and often had blue hair. Not because they were emo, but because they were old. It smelled heavenly in there. And you’d wait in a long line and pay with cash or check. Because they didn’t accept credit cards. And they would give you a sample chocolate. Usually a piece of chocolate with gaggy, pink filling.

But the nuts and chews–especially the chews–were the best!

I can just taste the gooey caramel. The crunchy almonds. Milk chocolate that melts in your mouth. I can hear the crinkly papers.

My very own box. Golly, my mother sure loved me! If I wanted to take to take just one bite out of a chocolate and put it back, I could. If I wanted to eat three, then four, then five in a row, I could. And did.

And if I wanted to eat the whole box of chocolates in one day? You betcha!

This picture is me with my awesome mother, when I was eleven years old and had the metabolism of a gazelle. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! May you eat all the chocolate you want.

That's me with my mother. #love

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The Apple Bank


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I was telling my kids about a prized present I received one Christmas. It was an apple bank. You put a coin at the mouth of an apple and a worm would crawl out to grab the coin, bringing it back with him to the apple innards.

It was the coolest!

My kids were like, “That sounds awesome!”

And then we Googled “apple piggy bank with worm.” Up popped the bank I remembered! We saw the vintage faded, plastic apple with the sticker eyes, and the wobbly door that opened, revealing a plastic worm. It wasn’t quite the awesome, magical bank I had described. My vivid memory from childhood had tarnished a little, just like the shiny silver dollars I’ve been keeping all of these years.

But my kids were like, “That is so cool, Mom!”

In the age of everything digital (there’s an app for that), were they just making me feel better?

I overheard my daughter tell her friend about this cool apple bank where the WORM comes out to eat your MONEY and how she totally wants one! And I smiled, because her enthusiasm at 10 years old is the exact same as my enthusiasm at her age. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…


Going Global, Baby!


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My seven-year-old son is learning geography at school. He hums the theme song to Indiana Jones…and wants to be him when he grows up. So that he can travel and study old things.

My young son’s latest interest is India. (Hmmm…I wonder where he got that idea?) 🙂

He has added up his dollars–they make quite a pile. He proclaimed that he needs $10 more and he’ll have enough to buy his own passport. With a passport in hand, he thinks that he will instantly start traveling. Like Doc Brown’s time machine. Zap! Calcutta!

May my dreamer–and future world traveler–get lots of stamps in his passport.

And I just may get myself a passport too…so that my son and I can zap off to India.

The Gift


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Years ago when I was eleven, my mother and I traveled to Greece to have an adventure.

I remember the white washed buildings with the blue roofs, the donkeys pulling carts, the cobblestone hills.

One morning while my mother was still sleeping, I gathered all of my American Express Travelers Cheques totaling $200 and snuck out of the hotel. Remember those? “Accepted at thousands of locations worldwide.”

How long does it take an eleven-year-old to earn $200? Dude. This was months and months of hard-earned allowance, birthday money, and Christmas money. Probably Tooth Fairy money too.

I meandered through the winding streets until I came upon the jewelry store with the strand of turquoise beads. Real turquoise. Chunky. Gorgeous. The necklace that had caught my mother’s eye the day before. The necklace with the pricey price tag.

Turquoise is derived from the Greek word “Turkois” meaning “Turkish” because it was first brought from Turkey. Turquoise is formed over millions of years by a chemical reaction that occurs when water leaks through rocks which contain specific minerals such as copper and aluminum. The percentage of the minerals in the rock dictates the shade of the turquoise.

Let me tell ya, these beads were brilliant turquoise. Must’ve been a lot of minerals. This piece was a gem. (Har har.)

My heart was beating fast. My palms were sweaty. I carefully counted out the ten Travelers Cheques–my life savings. The transaction was complete. The storekeeper wrapped the necklace in brown paper and I was on my way. “You vill not be disappointed,” he promised.

I hurried back, so excited!

The necklace was a “just because” gift for my mother. A thank you present for taking me with her on this trip.

I presented it to her–I couldn’t wait. She loved it. Of course. “That’s the most thoughtful gift,” she said.

Months later, when we were back home in the States, the necklace met it’s fate and tumbled to the hardwood floor, shattering to pieces.

The crash exposed white beads. White?? Was this a rare turquoise find?

No. It was an eleven-year-old who was swindled out of her hard-earned $200, to purchase crap white beads painted turquoise.

I was duped.

But my mother laughed and put her arm around me and told me that it was the thought that counts.

Yeah, my thought was that I was a stupid idiot.

Note: This photo is “simulated,” just like the faux turquoise beads I purchased.