Pizza Friends


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I make friends wherever I go. My newest friend is Amanda. She works at Costco. And she loves pizza.

I was buying two slices of cheese pizza. One for me, one for my son.

I could totally eat both, I said.

Yeah. I love pizza, she said. I could totally eat four slices.

Me too. Actually, I could eat a whole pizza.

Me too. I’ve done it before.

Same here.

And then we smiled because. We’re pizza friends.

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I Fist-Bumped a Stranger


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A few weeks ago, I had jury duty. There were about 40 of us waiting to be (or not to be) picked as the 12 jurors.

It was a rape case. It was to last at least week. Ugh.

Why couldn’t I get selected to be on a jewel theft case?

My fellow jurors and I did a lot of waiting around. And a lot of talking. I met a big guy named Pete who arrived in his construction clothing. He told me he was called in at the last minute and had to leave his truck at the job site because “I sure as hell ain’t letting someone steal thousands of dollars of equipment.” I nodded in agreement.

Pete has been married for 25 years, has no kids but several brothers, and two very cute dachshunds named Ruger and General. He showed me pictures on his phone. Several.

So I showed him pictures of Otis.

It took six hours to finally select the jury. Pete and I didn’t make the final cut. Whew! So, of course we grinned and fist-bumped. We began the morning as strangers and ended the afternoon as dog-loving-friends.

What a poser.

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I’m On Top of the World


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Two friends invited me to go on a hike. On a Tuesday. Right in the middle of my work day.

Yeah, I can’t go. I have to work.

But the wildflowers! They are in bloom right now! If we don’t go today, we might miss them.

They’re right. Timing was everything. I was presented with a small window of opportunity. So I seized it.

Yeah, I can’t work. I have to hike.

And so, I did. We did. And it was magical. When we first spotted the yellow wildflowers at the summit, it was that same feeling when Dorothy and her friends first encountered the fields of poppies on their journey to the Emerald City. Ahhhhh!

The nature, the friendships, and the exercise were the perfect excuse not to work that day. Because after all, work will still be there but the blooming flowers may not. And in that fleeting moment on the summit, I was on top of the world.

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I'm on top of the world!

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Pie Pants


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Yoga pants? What a misnomer. I mean, who really does YOGA in them?

I think they should be called Mom Pants. Ah, so stretchy. So comfy. So black.

And for the Holiday season? How about simply calling them: Pie Pants. Just in time for Thanksgiving, I have magically transformed my”yoga” pants into pie pants.

May you wear your pie pants with a smile on your face–and go for a second helping–and enjoy your family, friends, and food.

Happy Thanksgiving!



P.S. And, oh by the way, if you actually wear yoga pants to DO yoga? I don’t want to hear about it.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner


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My good friend invited me out to dinner with two of her friends that I didn’t know. A table for four, please.

I hesitated at first, because my Saturday nights are kinda sacred and are usually spent with my family, a movie, and a giant bowl of popcorn.

One of her friends was a delight. The other was a hater

I wasn’t prepared to spend my free time with a salad, hater on the side. I got flustered.

This one was skinny. Her hair in a sleek bob. Clad in a cashmere sweater, she pursed her lips as she looked me up and down with her x-ray vision.

I was 10 minutes late. I showed up in some dumb chunky sweater. My hair still wet from my shower. The three women were already buddied up in a booth. “A Blue Moon on tap, please,” I sang to the waiter, and squeezed in next to the cashmere-bob-pursed-lips one.

You know the awkward moment when the other women order appetizers as their dinners AFTER you order the Alaskan salmon and mashed potatoes and salad, with ranch dressing please. Yeah that.

My booth buddy (not) ordered an appetizer Caesar salad for her dinner. And couldn’t finish it. (When I told this to my real buddy Scott, @DiaperDads, he tweeted, “I just can’t get past fake-ass personas. Like we don’t know there’s a stop at Dunkin Donuts planned after eating salad.”)

Over dinner, I was explaining a project I was doing at work Miss Cashmere interrupted and sneered, “You WORK??!!”

As if working is a strange, new phenomenon.

“Uh, yeah, you DONT??!!” I wished I had retorted. I usually think of witty comments like two days after the fact.

“Another beer, please,” I nearly pleaded to the waiter.

The sauce on the salmon was delicious. And those mashed potatoes were perfectly buttered and garlicked. I envisioned licking the plate.

When the table got quiet, I felt the need to fill in the quiet with gab. So, I talked about my blog. My kids. My recent clothes purchases and returns. My latest recipe. My silly stories. I blathered. Did Miss Cashmere have any clever stories? No, but she sure seemed interested in putting my stories down.

When it was time to gather our coats and purses, my purse strap got tangled. I yanked it, flinging my purse to the floor, spilling its entire contents. Coins scattered and rolled every which way. Was this a metaphor of how I felt exposed?

Miss Cashmere was quick to smirk and eye roll.

I quickly collected my coins, wallet, receipts, gum, pens, bag of almonds, phone (and my dignity)–and shoved everything back. I smoothed out my chunky sweater over my full belly and gulped down the last of my beer. I stood up straight, smiled a fake smile, and uttered, “It was nice meeting you. Thanks for inviting me.”

I got the hell out of there, relieved to feel the Winter night air cool off my flushed cheeks. And I made it home in time to still score some late-night popcorn.

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I Think People Don’t Really Wanna Know…


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Sometimes I think people don’t really wanna care what you have to say…take a few basic-conversation questions:

  1. How was your vacation?
  2. How is work going for you?
  3. How are the kids?

Does the other person really want to know about your vacation? That you had potato skins as an appetizer, that your hotel comforter was comfy, and that you had perfect weather? No.

Does the other person really want to know about your work? That you’re working too many hours, that your deadlines are crazy, and your boss is cranky? No.

Does the other person really want to know about your kids? That one child had an eye infection, one got a B+ in science, and the other skipped to the next level in swimming? No.

I think people are so entrenched in their own lives that they don’t really want to hear much of anything care about the other person. What they really wanna hear is simply:

  1. How was your vacation? Great!
  2. How is work going for you? Busy!
  3. How are the kids? Happy!

And…you’re done. No time for details. No interest in two-way conversations. Where did the empathy go? It’s now sometimes more like a check-off-your-list: did I ask and did they answer? Check.

I think some people have forgotten their manners. Forgotten how to converse. Forgotten how to listen. Forgotten to care.

YOU’RE Getting a PUPPY???


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“I’m getting a puppy!”

Instead of being a naysayer, how about being a yaysayer. Here’s what I mean…

When you tell people you’re getting a puppy, these are comments you might get:

  • “YOU’RE getting a PUPPY?!”
  • “Do you KNOW how much they pee and poop?”
  • “They will eat EVERYTHING.”
  • “Do you KNOW what you’re getting yourself into?”
  • “Are you SURE you want a puppy?”
  • “It will wreck your house.”
  • “Better hide your shoes.”
  • “It will turn your yard upside down.”
  • “Ugh. Why do you WANT a puppy?”

Naysayers and Debbie Downers. All of them.

I mean, imagine if you tell someone you’re pregnant or adopting a baby. And imagine these SAME comments for a human child. You would probably drop these friends like a hot potato. And, oh, by the way, have you ever HELD a hot potato? They are freaking hot.

I think the snarly comments are made by people who may lack boundaries, who simply like to blurt out their opinions. Regardless of their impact.

Some people are well-meaning and try to be helpful. They like to point out things you may not already know. As in, “You may want to put your shoes up high because puppies like to chew on shoes.” Haven’t we all watched Marley and Me? We KNOW the damages puppies can cause (we also know the love puppies and grown dogs can offer).

And some people are reality-based. As in, “Puppies are a lot of work. You have to train them to pee outside by taking them out every 10 minutes.” Gee, thanks for the pee tip.

While other people are just mean-spirited and want to burst your happy puppy bubble. As in, “Are you SURE you want a puppy??” When you’ve already told them you’re GETTING a puppy. Of course you are sure. And you are excited. (Again replace the “puppy” reference with “baby” and the comment is even meaner.)

As a future puppy owner, aren’t we simply expecting people to say:

  • “That’s awesome!”
  • “I love puppies.”
  • “Puppies are the best.”
  • “Your family is gonna love a dog.”
  • “Aw, so cute. I can’t wait to see a picture.”
  • “Very cool.”
  • “I want a puppy.”

The next time you hear someone exclaim, “I’m getting a puppy!” Maybe ya might want to hold in the meanness for a second, and high-five the person instead. And shriek, “COOL!” #yaysayer

I’m a “Sunny Delight” Mom


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I try to be a Sunny Delight Mom. And I try to have a Sunny Delight home. Where all kids are welcome. All of the time.

Cheesy? Yeah. Are you eye-rolling? So what. 🙂

What is a Sunny Delight Mom? You know, the kind of Mom who opens the doors and her arms to welcome her children’s friends after school? Who buys the right snacks that kids love? Who makes the home inviting to kids of all ages so they are happy and comfortable and want to come back? Where rarely a weekend goes by without hosting a sleepover?

Yeah that.

My Sunny Delight home is where my children and their friends come to congregate, to play, to hang out. They are always welcome. They are always loud. They are always eating. And they always come back.

And like the Sunny Delight commercial, you hear this:

  • “Your Mom is cool,” says the friend.
  • “Yeah, I know,” says your child.

You see, when I was growing up, I did not have a Sunny Delight Mom. I did not live in a Sunny Delight home. I lived with my mother. I was her only child. I had friends but they rarely came over. The house was quiet. Quiet was good for reading–I read lots–and for playing quiet, creative games. The doors did not slam shut. Shoes of all sizes, belonging to different people, were not tossed by the front door. The snacks were tofu and granola and tuna.

So when I became a mother of one, then two, then three children, I knew that I wanted to be a Sunny Delight Mom and have a Sunny Delight home. The more the merrier! Children–and their laughter and their happiness–make me smile.

Just like the cheesy Sunny Delight Mom in the commercial.

How Much Do You Think I Paid For This? (Guess High)


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You like the high guessers.

You know when you buy something that’s a really good deal and you say to your friend, “Guess how much this shirt was?”

And you want your friend to say, “Hmm. $100?”

You say, “Less.”

She says, “$80?”

You say, “Less.”

Until finally, you break the wonderful news…you scored the shirt for $8!

See? High guessing reinforces what a smart shopper you are! And shows what a good friend you have for validating you.

So the other day, I tell my nine-year-daughter when she’s opening a can of fruit cocktail to be careful because those lids are sharp and you can cut yourself. I showed her the scar on my thumb from opening a can of beans. I told her that it bled for hours (indeed, it did….skin was flapping…I could feel my heartbeat in my thumb…yikes!)

She asks “How much blood did you lose? 30 percent?”

Ah, I LOVE this child. She’s a high guesser. SHE will do well in life being a good friend.

Got Whipped Cream? I Dare Ya


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Whether you enjoy spray whipped cream on your hot chocolate, on your strawberries–or wherever (you can fill in the blank)–did you know that it is also a great pick-me-up?

When you’re feeling a little drained, just a quick shot straight into your mouth. And bam! It’s instant smiles. And only 20 calories.

The kids love it! And it’s what I use to keep them quiet, as in, “Quiet YOU. Here, have a spray.”

Hell, I love it!

And check out my Twitter friends, who love it! Each participated in Pippi’s Whipped Cream Dare, whereby they sprayed a shot of whipped cream into their mouth (this is G-rated), took a pic, and posted it on Twitter. THAT takes talent: spraying + taking a pic. These are some mighty talented Tweeps:

  • @TheBernieBrand
  • @fmll
  • @heatherellaa
  • @wendipqa
  • @donovanshaw

Everyone’s doing it. It’s the latest global trend! Got #Twhipped Cream?