Chicks, Ducks, and a Bunny…Oh My!


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Who buys her daughter baby chicks, baby ducks, and a bunny…in the middle of the city?

My mother…that’s who!

Imagine the squeals of delight one Easter morning! The joy! I was the happiest of happy!

We didn’t live in the country. Nor did we have the proper pens and enclosures yet built. We housed our extended family in our laundry room off the kitchen. Added some heat lamps. Purchased feed. Received a donated rabbit hutch for the backyard.

Our farm was set!

Like Fern from Charlotte’s Web, I fed, watered, nurtured, and talked to my animal friends every day. Their peeps and nibbles and sweetness made me overjoyed. My friends thought I was so lucky…indeed, I was!

One baby duck, Quincy, didn’t make it and died after a week. It was a tough life lesson. The other duck, Abraham, thrived.

When the chicks and duck outgrew their soft downy feathers and grew into their adult feathers, it was time to move them from the laundry room to the backyard, into coops and hutches.

One chick grew into–gasp!–a rooster and became the 5:00 a.m. alarm clock for the neighborhood, with his loud cock-a-doodle-dooing. Abraham was so well mannered, that you could leash him and take him for a walk. The rabbit was simply happy with carrots and came out for snuggles.

Our menagerie of animals represented my childhood: colorful, joyful, interesting, and full of life, love, and experiences. My mother was the ring leader, with her big heart and personality, always unconventionally fun and cool. I am so lucky to be her daughter.

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The Lonely Cabbage


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One hot summer’s day, we went to a farm with acres of cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, and corn. Fields of zinnias, sunflowers, cosmos, foxgloves. Orchards with peaches. Rows of raspberries and giant blackberries.

There was an abundance of produce and goodness! We picked berries until we couldn’t pick or eat any more. We picked $40 in peaches.

The cabbages also beckoned. You couldn’t miss them. There were in perfect rows, with huge leaves framing their white cabbage heads.

We noticed one cabbage sitting all by itself. Cut loose and laying in the dirt, without leaves to protect it from the sun. We felt sorry for it. The lonely cabbage. So of course, we took it with us. My daughter cradled it in her arms. The lonely cabbage was lonely no more!

The shriveled cabbage reminded me of the bruised apples I often buy at the grocery store, because I feel sorry for them. Read about that here.

On our way home, when we stopped for lunch, my daughter was concerned that the cabbage would get too hot in the car.

Should we leave the air conditioning on for it? She asked. I don’t want it to get too hot.

Oh my goodness, that girl is sweeter than the juiciest peach from the orchard.

Endless cabbages.

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