Bought for a Dime


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What can you buy for a dime these days? And who carries around dimes anyway?

A long time ago, I bought my first record album for a dime. (A record album is a round, vinyl disc the size of a large plate, with songs on it. It requires a record player and uses a needle placed in the groove on the surface in order to play.)

Teaser and the Firecat. At a garage sale.

This was before Yusuf Islam. Before MP3s. This was when I earned dimes as allowance.

I didn’t know who Cat Stevens was. I didn’t own a record player yet. But the colorful and fanciful album cover caught my eye. And with dimes jingling in my pocket, I couldn’t resist.

I never appreciated the song Morning Has Broken until years later. And then I treasured my first music purchase all the more. Bought for a dime.