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I love socks. Probably because my feet are usually cold.

When my children were little, I bought them the cutest socks. As an infant, my oldest had a pair with rattles built in and he’d bicycle kick his feet, with the biggest grin. I had read that black-and-white patterns make infants’ brains develop better, so of course they had their patterned socks. My daughter had adorable watermelon socks and ladybug socks. My youngest son had tie-dye socks I bought in Berkeley. I probably paid more for that “artisan” pair of socks than a whole pack of running socks for me!

Three years back, I wrote about our abundance of mismatched socks. How they sit lonely, unmatched in a drawer in the laundry room. Waiting, waiting for the perfect match. Then I wrote about how we turned those lonely socks into a happy Sock Puppet family. Check out the video:


I have a pair of yellow, smiley face socks that make me happy when I’m down. My daughter has polka-dot mushroom socks, unicorn-and-rainbow socks, and sloth socks. Sloth socks? I think they are supposed to make you feel relaxed. 🙂

Then of course there are the very expensive athletic socks the guys wear these days. The socks that hit mid calf. I’m not sure what’s up with that style, but I’ll go with it. I mean, I remember being in middle school when no one wore socks. They were so uncool. You wore your Vans or Keds or Sperry Topsiders with no socks. Puberty + sweaty, unsocked feet = very stinky shoes.

My youngest son, who is now eleven years old, recently asked if he could have a pair of those guy socks. One pair, that’s it. Ah, peer pressure socks. My son is super sweet and doesn’t ask for much. So of course I bought him not one but six pairs of theses guy socks. The hugs and smile? Totally worth it! Hey, and at least they help to cut down on the stinky shoes.

It’s all about the socks.

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Who Says Money Can’t Buy Happiness?


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A visit to the fabric store, with my daughter, brought sheer joy. With its reams of colorful fabric, buttons, fleece, stuffing, patterns.

Imagine the possibilities! Summer brings more time. Time to thread the sewing machine and pursue some projects. Time to be creative.

So Sew many ideas! And projects! My daughter’s head was spinning: tails, pillows, clothes, stuffed creatures.

A yard of this. A yard of that. A pound of buttons in every size, shape, and color. Elastic for enough jammy pants to clothe the Brady Bunch.

Eighty-five dollars later and we walked out with two giant bags of happiness.

My daughter sewed me a carrot. Because she's clever like that.

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She made that skirt.

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I’m impressed with artsy-and-crafty people and their creations. See below for some very cool ideas I have spotted for Valentine’s Day. But let it be known that I am not one of them. Sure, I make giant cookies. Sure, I made Valentines for my classmates out of doilies when I was a kid. But that’s where my crafty talents end. Read my Screw You, Martha Stewart post here if you’d like elaboration.

Are you looking for a really simple Valentine’s Day project to do with your kids? Simply, pack them into the car and drive to the grocery store. Have them select their favorite boxed Valentine’s Day cards to give to their classmates.

We opted for “Furry Animals” and “Star Wars” Valentines. Tape on a ring pop. And…we’re done.

And, really, nothing says I love you quite like Darth Vader.

Screw You, Martha Stewart


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Oh, Martha.

Every year, I watch your Halloween specials where you create bats from black spray-painted clothespins, googly eyeballs from painted foam balls, spirited papier-mâché pumpkins, and stenciled votive candles. Your creations are magical.

Last Fall, we watched in awe at your creations. And the creative juices started to flow. We trekked to Michaels to load up on supplies.

  • Wooden clothespins
  • Foam balls
  • Tissue paper
  • Votive candle holders
  • Paint
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Craft glue

And a bunch of other crap that totaled $75.

We got home excited. Excited to create the wonders that you created, with such ease.


  • Spray painting outside in the wind is a bitch.
  • Where exactly do you PUT wet foam balls after you’ve painted them, so they can dry?
  • Doing papier-mâché in a wet climate means that your pumpkins will get yeast infections.

I opened up our Halloween bins from the attic and discovered last year’s unfinished craft projects. Three dozen black clothespins with no bat bodies, a pack of two dozen votive candles with no stencils, and half-painted eyeballs.

This collection of craft failures was a reminder that:

I suck at crafting.

There will be no pinning of my Martha-esque creations on Pinterest this year. Sigh.

But I staple-gunned eyeball lights across the front of the house. Stuck ghosts in the flower pots. Hung store-bought skeletons from the trees. Draped fake spider webs across the doorway. And displayed our 93 lbs. of pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.

My crafting abilities may suck, but my Halloween spirit?

It’s a good thing.

Sock Puppet Mania


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Nothing says fun like sock puppets. And we sure have a lot of lonely socks around here. I wrote about my drawer of unmatched socks here.

Thanks to a rainy day, that drawer has been emptied. With a hot glue gun, buttons, googly eyes, felt, pipe cleaners, and a teensy bit of imagination…pow! Our rainy day was transformed into sock puppet mania!