Do You Like My Hat?


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It’s OK if you don’t. Because I love it!

Do you remember the children’s book, Go Dog Go!? One dog keeps asking the other dog, “Do you like my hat?” He’s a total dick and always says no, he does not. She continues to try so hard to seek his approval and validation.

Until the last hat, which is over-the-top amazing! And, he likes it. Finally.

My daughter and I made some over-the-top hats. Our plan was to wear them at opening day at the horse races.

We started working on the hats a month ago. On one of our trips to our favorite antique store, we scored my daughter a red hat. And lots of bags of junk treasure. We spent that whole afternoon, with glue guns in hand, decorating. That evening, she told me that she had the best day. Yeah, me too.

She transformed her hat into a half-fall-half-winter scene. It is amazing and joyful! But she already knows this.

Mine was half toys and 100 percent full of memories. I rummaged through my children’s toy bins. Plastic horses with no tails. Gold coins from St. Patrick’s Day. Legos. An army guy from a 4th of July parachute. Fake rotten teeth my youngest son loves to wear. A pink barrette my daughter wore when she was three. A Nerf gun bullet. A rubber frog. An alien prize from no cavities at the dentist. A few stray McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. A refrigerator alphabet magnet. A Polly Pocket. A monkey pencil topper. The wrestler that my oldest son played with when he was two. He’s 15 now. The wrestler lost his legs in a battle, so he now anchors the front of my hat. It’s his medal of honor, I guess.

So many wonderful, funny, happy memories are now all glued to my hat.

On opening day, my daughter and I confidently paraded around the horse races with the biggest grins and giggled the whole time. What silliness! What fun!

We entered the “best hat” contest.

We didn’t win. Not even third place. Not sure why we entered. We certainly don’t need external approval and validation to remind us that we are both winners.

Because we already know this.

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Two ladies wearing hats at the horse races.

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Traveling Treasure Trove


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Got road trips?

Here’s a nifty little idea for you non-crafter parents that you can create in, oh, about 8 minutes. You may call it a jar of rice with toys in it. I call it Pippi’s Traveling Treasure Trove that you shake and take with you in the car to entertain the kids.

What prompted this was:

  1. My kids have an overload of miniature toys they don’t play with because the toys are hiding at the bottom of toy bins
  2. My kids need something to do in our long (10 minute) car trips.
  3. Reuse and recycle, baby!

Here’s all you need:

  1. A big plastic container with a lid. Ours was a tub with peanut butter-filled pretzels.
  2. A crapload of miniature toys.
  3. A 5 lb. bag of rice.
  4. Mix together.
  5. Screw lid on tightly.
  6. Presto! Now you can bring Pippi’s Traveling Treasure Trove virtually anywhere! And your kids can shake it and search for all the hidden treasures. What’s old is new again. And maybe you’ll have some quiet while driving.

And just think. When you’re done with this clever toy, you’ll have rice for dinner.