That Brown Vest


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Every few years I get the urge to go through my closet and get rid of stuff. You can read about the last time I made such a purge here. Here is how I decreased the surplus population of my clothes. My goal is always to get rid of:

1. The ugly stuff.
2. The stuff that will never ever fit again.
3. The stuff that makes me feel uncomfortable, unconfident, and ugly.

I have had surprisingly a lot of stuff in each of these categories.

I filled three giant trash bags with jeans that are too tight, ruffled blouses that are hideous, pleated slacks that look shiny, and that sort of thing. All kinds of ugly.

I proudly announced to my daughter my feat: I got rid of all my ugly clothes!

What about that brown vest? She asked.

That. Brown. Vest?

Oh that. I guess I didn’t get rid of ALL my ugly clothes. That brown vest might be ugly, but it makes me happy, warm, and comfortable. In fact, I wore it on my last zoo outing with my youngest.

I think you look pretty in that ugly, brown vest, she said.

Well then, it’s a keeper!

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Rocking the $14 Dress


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Confidence is wearing a $14 dress from Costco…and rocking it.

And accessorizing with $1 shell necklaces. And old tights. (Tights that you snagged when you hoisted them up and you’re hoping that the hole doesn’t show in the meeting. P.S. Why do they make tights so short, forcing you to hoist them up in the first place??)

And adding your go-to cardigan–black, of course–and comfortable square dance shoes. I wrote about those here.


I don’t have an amazing wardrobe or sense of style.

I don’t really need either one, what with my personality, confidence, and sense of humor. Ha!

Rock what you’ve got!

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Just As You Are


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I like to wear anything as long as it’s cotton. I wrote about that here. For me, it’s about being comfortable and being me.

When I don my going-to-work-outfits, I cringe. Slacks, skirts, blouses. I hate them all. The minute I get home (OK, the sixth minute after I get home after greeting Otis and taking him out to pee), I rip off the agitating dresswear, throw it into a pile, and put on a T-shirt and sweatpants or jeans.


My husband likes my comfort wear because he knows it makes me happy. The first time we met in college, I wore a hoodie, jeans, and Nike basketball shoes. Not much has changed!

Like Mark Darcy says to Bridget Jones: “I like you very much just as you are.”

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Shopping for Boots with Bigfoot


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It seems like it was just two months ago when I bought my 10-year-old daughter new shoes. Three new pairs in fact.

Say…it WAS just two months ago. And now she has outgrown them. “Can’t you just wear your basketball shoes to school?”

Apparently not.

My “lady girl” as I call her–is sized as a lady in clothes and shoes but is still the age of a girl–she’s tricky to shop for. She’s not ready for low-plunging necklines and low-waisted jeans. And oh the boots in her size. Thigh-high. High-heeled.

Off to the lady boot store we went. Let me tell you, when you outgrow your boots and it’s the end of January, it’s slim pickings…for an age-appropriate boot. She found the perfect pair. For a hooker.

We finally found a pair we both agreed on. No-heel, black suede with fringe…in her size!

She’s only 10 but her feet happen to be ginormous. Big feet on a woman = big brains. This I know. After all, my girl takes after her Mama. 🙂


What’s Lurking in Your Closet?


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What’s lurking in MY closet? I’ll tell you: crazy-ugly clothes.

But that was last week. Today they are gone. Yep, I got rid of 1/5 of my clothes. Just. Like. That.

Here’s how it went down. I was getting dressed for work and I was in a hurry. I tried on a black skirt and a black turtleneck sweater. I took off the black skirt because–for some lame reason–it wasn’t the SAME matching black as the sweater. I threw it onto the floor. So there I was, standing in my turtleneck sweater and tights. I’ll wear some boots, it’ll be swell. But what skirt? The grey one? Yeah, that’s it. I peered at my reflection. No! All wrong! I yanked off the boots and put on flats. I took another peek in the mirror. No! Still not right! I shimmied out of the tights and put on (boring) slacks. And grabbed my keys, purse, laptop, phone…and dashed out the door.

Ugh. I hate it when I’m feeling uncomfortable–and lacking confidence–in my clothes. I also hate it when I continue to make bad clothing purchases.

So I did what I had to do. When I got home, I proceeded to:

  1. Grab
  2. Assess
  3. Dump

Pilling sweaters. Skirts of strange lengths. Baggy blouses. Gaggy patterns. Hideous materials. Ill-fitting pants. These are all stuffed into giant bags destined for…donation.

Good riddance, skeletons!

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How to Get That Frumpy Look in 3 Easy Steps


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Frump frump frumpety frump.

Wondering how you too can achieve the frump look? It’s really easy.

  1. A t-shirt that you’ve had for ages. This one I’ve had for 19 years. I got it from the bar Carlos O’Brien’s in Puerta Vallarta on my honeymoon. Sentimental. Super soft from a gazillion washings. And who doesn’t like frogs wearing clothes?
  2. Jammy pants. Any type will work. But print ones are best. These have penguins with headphones. How can you resist?
  3. Polar fleece. Finish off the look with a polar fleece hoody. You know, the kind your teen says you look like a dork in? Yeah that one.

You’re set! See how easy that was? Now you’re ready to drop off your kids at school and run into all the glam mothers or go grocery shopping. You can thank me later.


Listen to Your Kids About Fashion: They Know Stuff


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Sure. Disregard comments from naysayers. And don’t listen to friends-who-aren’t-really-your-friends. But don’t discount your kids’ advice when it comes to fashion for Mom. They just might know what they are talking about.

After all, don’t children just want their Moms be their best and look their best? A confident mother who is pretty inside-and-out?

I listen. Here is what I’ve been told lately:

  •  “Mom, you need to wear tighter jeans. Yours are too baggy.” Ah, the workouts just might be working. It’s important to show off your shape; not hide it. Time to go shopping.
  • “Mom, that lipstick is too brown.” Good point. My skin has blue undertones, meaning berry and pinky reds are better for my skin tone.
  • “Mom, don’t buy brown pants. They are ugly.” Indeed, khaki is great on safari, but not so great on me. Point well taken.
  •  “Mom, I like you better with shorter hair. Your long hair made you look crazy.” Hmmm. Sometimes you don’t know if a compliment is a compliment or if is a rip. But, I’ll go with it. And maybe my shorter hair makes me sassier? Peskier?
  • “Mom, that floral, peasant top is really ugly.” OK. Maybe I did think that prints help to camouflage, but maybe solids are indeed better for me. Plus, I am not a peasant.
  •  “Mom, that sweater looks a little dorky.” Hmm. Maybe I was sporting a tired, old Mr.-Rogers’-Neighborhood-cardigan. Off to Goodwill it went. Hello, J. Lo sweater! (She will always be J. Lo to me.)

Kids are smart. Give them credit. Make some changes. Change is good.