That Brown Vest


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Every few years I get the urge to go through my closet and get rid of stuff. You can read about the last time I made such a purge here. Here is how I decreased the surplus population of my clothes. My goal is always to get rid of:

1. The ugly stuff.
2. The stuff that will never ever fit again.
3. The stuff that makes me feel uncomfortable, unconfident, and ugly.

I have had surprisingly a lot of stuff in each of these categories.

I filled three giant trash bags with jeans that are too tight, ruffled blouses that are hideous, pleated slacks that look shiny, and that sort of thing. All kinds of ugly.

I proudly announced to my daughter my feat: I got rid of all my ugly clothes!

What about that brown vest? She asked.

That. Brown. Vest?

Oh that. I guess I didn’t get rid of ALL my ugly clothes. That brown vest might be ugly, but it makes me happy, warm, and comfortable. In fact, I wore it on my last zoo outing with my youngest.

I think you look pretty in that ugly, brown vest, she said.

Well then, it’s a keeper!

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What’s Lurking in Your Closet?


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What’s lurking in MY closet? I’ll tell you: crazy-ugly clothes.

But that was last week. Today they are gone. Yep, I got rid of 1/5 of my clothes. Just. Like. That.

Here’s how it went down. I was getting dressed for work and I was in a hurry. I tried on a black skirt and a black turtleneck sweater. I took off the black skirt because–for some lame reason–it wasn’t the SAME matching black as the sweater. I threw it onto the floor. So there I was, standing in my turtleneck sweater and tights. I’ll wear some boots, it’ll be swell. But what skirt? The grey one? Yeah, that’s it. I peered at my reflection. No! All wrong! I yanked off the boots and put on flats. I took another peek in the mirror. No! Still not right! I shimmied out of the tights and put on (boring) slacks. And grabbed my keys, purse, laptop, phone…and dashed out the door.

Ugh. I hate it when I’m feeling uncomfortable–and lacking confidence–in my clothes. I also hate it when I continue to make bad clothing purchases.

So I did what I had to do. When I got home, I proceeded to:

  1. Grab
  2. Assess
  3. Dump

Pilling sweaters. Skirts of strange lengths. Baggy blouses. Gaggy patterns. Hideous materials. Ill-fitting pants. These are all stuffed into giant bags destined for…donation.

Good riddance, skeletons!

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When I Look in My Closet: Yikes!


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I have got to clean out my closet. Today. I am not a hoarder (and oh, by the way, the A&E show Hoarders scares the freaking crap out of me).

Yikes refers to my taste in clothes. When I take a peek in my closet, I see I have made some poor purchasing decisions.

I have heard that you should keep the clothes you really love and the others: give away to charity. Looking through my closet, there’s not really much to love. I am feeling very generous today.

  • What was I thinking when I purchased my tacky-ass-print-stretchy top with the capped sleeves? Did I think that the print would help camouflage some of the heft in the mid-section? Yes. Did I think capped sleeves are truly flattering? Yes. Wrong on both.
  • What about Capri pants, cropped mid-calf? Fashion guides tell us that Capri pants are not flattering because they visually crop your leg, making your legs look stumpy. We need to elongate our legs; so next Spring, boycott those Capri pants that are on sale everywhere!
  • How about the baby doll tops that I have purchased? So ugly, definitely not fit for a baby.
  • Shoes? I’m good at buying shoes. They are not my problem. I own about 14 pairs. And most of them are sneakers. Oh and two pairs of boots.

It’s the outfits. I struggle with matching tops to bottoms.

Running late for work, what to wear? Quick, grab low-waisted, hip slacks and a button-down shirt. A working woman’s go-to uniform. Craptastic: the buttons are gaping open. Lately, I’ve started buying all grey clothing for work. Grey goes with black goes with white goes with navy. It’s like Garanimals.

And, then there the: how long should I save my clothes—you know, the ones that I-need-to-lose-10-lbs.-in-order-to-fit-in-these-clothes clothes? I save those. But if I need to lose more than 10 lbs., which I do, well, those clothes could be sitting around awhile. So off to Goodwill they will go. If I lose 20 lbs., I’m goin’ shopping!

Recycling. Just hoping there’s a woman out there who has worse taste than me. Because if there is, today is her lucky day.