Got Valentine’s Day Expectations?


Posted by peskypippi | Posted in Celebrations, Holidays, Love, Romance, Valentine's Day | Posted on 09-02-2012

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We are days away from Valentine’s Day. Do you have Valentine’s Day expectations?

Jewelry stores tell us we need diamonds. Florists tell us we need oversized bouquets. Grocery stores tell us we need heart balloons. Chocolate shops tell us we need heart-shaped boxes with chocolates. Lingerie shops tell us we need red bustiers and up-your-crack thongs. Drugstores tell us we need stuffed gorillas with hearts that say “Wild Thing.”

Do we need any of this crap on February 14? Yeah, we do. If our significant others come home Valentine’s Day night with nothing, we be pissed.

We need something.

  • I don’t need diamonds; I prefer costume jewelry.
  • I don’t need oversized bouquets; I like carnations just fine.
  • I don’t need balloons; my kids will fight over them.
  • I do need chocolate; but I buy my own and hide it.
  • I don’t need red lingerie; I prefer jammy pants and t-shirts (sexy, I know).
  • And I certainly don’t need a stuffed gorilla for my husband to proclaim his love for me.

If my husband comes home Valentine’s Day night with some carnations and several boxes full of Thai take-out dinner for our family, that’s the “something” I would love on Valentine’s Day. Pad Thai anyone?