Hope and Strength


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Some say that daffodils are delicate and gentle.

Yes. But they are also symbols of hope and strength. Planted as ugly bulbs in the fall by hopeful people, daffodils are able to withstand the harshest of winters, emerging and blooming as cheery ambassadors of spring.

When planted, daffodils bulbs are tucked into the dirt to rest throughout the winter. Rest? No way! The bulb contains all the nutrients needed for flower production. Daffodils are hardy and can tolerate temperatures as low as -15 degrees Fahrenheit. No coats required! No complaining either!

Above the soil: rain, sleet, snow, ice. Meanwhile, the daffodil develops its root systems and undergoes a chemical change to prevent it from freezing. Daffodils remain dormant underground until the soil starts to warm again. Then, daffodils begin to poke through the soil with their green stems. Bold as you please! The green stalks suddenly open with their cheery attitudes and shades of yellow, after braving the longest of winters.


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Big Fat Bulbs


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Remember those giant Christmas lights people used to hang on their houses? C9s in technical terms. Before the icicle lights. Before LED lights.

Those C9s are slowly becoming a thing of the past. We still have some ol’ C9s strung across our roof line. This may be their last year. Their paint is chipping. Practically every bulb has been replaced. The strings have been staple gunned so many times, I’m surprised we haven’t been shocked.

These jumbo lights remind me of Christmases past. When we’d drive up to my grandparents’ ranch-style home in rural Missouri. Bright red and green and blue and orange glowed, framing the window with a tree strung with the same big fat bulbs. Yeah, total fire hazard!

“Come in to our warm and welcoming house!” The lights beckoned. My grandmother would cook up and serve everyone minute steak and mashed potatoes and sliced bread and gravy. She would play carols like O Holy Night on the piano, while I would munch on stale peanut brittle. And we watched The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson while my grandfather ate his bowl of butter brickle ice cream and dozed in his chair. And I curled up on the shag carpet with my childhood blanket. I will always remember the happy, comforting, warm feeling of family and love that enveloped me. Maybe some of that warmth came from the Christmas tree lights that emanated so much dang heat. 🙂

If we’d run an errand, my grandfather would (thankfully) unplug the Christmas tree lights. Which is what I do still. Each and every time, out of habit, even though my tree has cool-temperature mini lights. When I reach down to unplug them, I smile and think of Christmases past.

Here’s wishing you the warmth of Christmas!


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