Christmas in July


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Talk about Christmas in July!

On a recent vacation to Branson, Missouri, we heard there was a Santa Claus convention, bringing in jolly old fellas from across the country and around the world. In fact, many of them stayed at our hotel! Even without their red and white suits, they were easy to spot with their friendly smiles, white beards, and twinkly eyes. We proceeded to be on the lookout for the real Santa Claus.

One winked at us in the lobby. Maybe he was the one? One argued with the front desk clerk about his pillows. Definitely not him.

The next morning, one thousand Santa Clauses were to be in a special parade at 8:00 a.m.

You know how the early bird catches the worm? In our case, the early riser catches the Santa Claus. My eleven-year-old son and I practically ran, hand-in-hand, with giddiness. (My oldest son and daughter opted to sleep in instead…their loss!)

Seeing so many Santa Clauses, Mrs. Clauses, and elves was quite a magical sight! But which one was the one? It was like Where’s Waldo.

Smitten and with a bit of boldness, we greeted the nice gentlemen one by one and asked to pose for a photo. How could they so no to my sweet boy? They could not.

My son wished them Merry Christmas and many said see you on Christmas Eve. One showed my son a special Hawaiian signal. One showed my son his compass hidden in his sock. One let my son hold the special sleigh bells. One gifted him a magic candy cane.

After our encounters, we narrowed it down to three Santa Claus possibilities.

We left with happy hearts, curious minds, and shit-eating grins.

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The Enchanted Forest


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Once upon a time, there was an enchantedĀ forest. With giant, moss-covered trees with welcoming branches. With a bubbling brook that sang. With falling leaves that danced in the breeze. With miniature mushroom fairy homes sprinkled across the clover hillside. With a lake so still, the reflections of the trees were mirrored in the waters.

A girl with wings gazedĀ in wonderment. A boy with magical socks ran with glee.

This magical, enchanted forest beckoned us on a sun-kissed fall day. On that day, she didn’t wear wings. She had wings. On that day, he didn’t forget his socks. He wore his mother’s magical socks, gifted with love when his blister appeared, preventing him from taking one more step.

We didn’t go for a hike. We went exploring. Exploring a fairy tale.

All kinds of awesome right there.

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We spotted fairy houses.

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Seeding Words of Doubt


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Shut the Front Door Garden Gate!

The Carrot Seed is a little children’s book, published in 1945, about a boy’s determination…to grow a carrot. Despite the fact that his mother and father and brother are all naysayers. Instead of reassuring him, they all say “It won’t come up.”

Dude! Where is the support? Where is the encouragement? Why would you tell a child that his little seed won’t grow even if he’s doing his best to nurture it?

Whenever I read this book to my kids, they think the boy’s parents are a bunch of assholes. They are right.

Simple premise, yet there is more to this story. This little boy believed in himself, despite the assholes around him.

“Everyone kept saying it wouldn’t come up. But he still pulled up the weeds around it every day and sprinkled the ground with water. And then, one day, a carrot came up just as the little boy had known it would.”

What self-confidence! What empowerment!

I mean, the little dude didn’t just pull up a carrot, he pulled himself up by his bootstraps.

When I Grow Up…


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When your child says to you, “Mom, when I grow up, I want to be a fairy and have magic fairy dust and live under a toadstool and wear a skirt made out of a tulip and drink Koolaid out of a thimble.”

Do you say:

  • Don’t be silly. There’s no such thing as fairies.


  • You’ll be a beautiful fairy and you can visit the clovers in my backyard any day.

I try to support my childrens’ imaginations and dreams. Even if Fairy University might not be my very first choice of schools.