Wonder Cookies


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I wrote about my fiberlicious cookies awhile back. Guess what? I created a new and wonderfully improved version.

I call this new recipe Wonder Cookies.

As in…

I wonder what’s in these?
Almond flour, chocolate chips, chopped dates, coconut sugar, shredded coconut, flax seed.

I wonder how much fiber they have?
A zillion grams.

And then, the next question would be…

I wonder where the nearest toilet is?

Chances are, if you eat too many of these cookies, you will wonder why you did.

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Cake Hero


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Sometimes I do something that amazes my children. OK, rarely. But when I do, I relish it and likely write about it. 🙂

For example, I made a rainbow cake for St. Patrick’s Day. It wasn’t that hard to make. It was actually a piece of cake. Har har. And the reactions I got?

Mom! You’re the best baker! 

This is the best cake you’ve ever made.

It looks amazing!

And stuff like that.

So basically, I was Cake Hero for a day. Actually I was Cake Hero for two days. Because with six towering layers, there was enough left for an after-school cake fest.


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Wind Pie


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The winds blew in. Crazy winds. The kind of wind that scatters the leaves into crescent formations at the sidewalk’s edge. The kind of wind that makes your cheeks turn pink. The kind of wind that blows the last of the November apples off the trees.

On our way home, we noticed hundreds of unclaimed apples, newly blown onto the grass. So of course, we pulled over to gather them up. My daughter and I made baskets out of our shirts, where we weighted them down with apples.

My nine-year-old ran willy-nilly. Because. The. Wind.

That afternoon, we washed, peeled, chopped, sugared, spiced, and cooked the apples. Then, we mixed, rolled, and flattened a pie crust. After an hour of preparation, into the oven it baked.

We called it: Wind Pie.

And despite the apples being too mushy and the crust too wheaty, the memory-making was delicious!

Apple pie made with love and whole wheat flour…good intentions but the crust was awful.

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My Pumpkin Bread Sucks Balls


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I had great plans for these pumpkin loaves. Great, healthy plans.

You know, use oat flour instead of flour flour. Use chia seed gel as the oil. Use applesauce to replace half of the sugar.

Removing them from the oven, the pumpkin bread smelled delicious. However, removing them from the pans, the loaves were dense yet sorta gooey.

After doling out wedges to my kids, my eight-year-old son bravely took a taste and announced, “Your pumpkin bread sucks balls.”


pumpkin bread

How Many Spiders Does it Take?


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How many plastic spider rings does it take to raise a child from toddler to teenager? In our case, 500.

I invested in a whopping bag of plastic spider rings, when my oldest son was about three. Five hundred of them. “These will come in handy to top cupcakes, to add to goody bags, and to play jokes on people,” I had thought. Whoa! So many fun times ahead!

Well. My oldest son just turned 14 years old this week. When it was time to decorate his cake, I rummaged through the bin where I keep cupcake papers, food coloring, sprinkles, birthday candles, and plastic spider rings.

There was only one spider ring left. What?!

We had finally exhausted our supply. I had baked an abundance of cupcakes over the years to deliver to school functions, added the rings to birthday goody bags, and distributed them at Halloween.

The rings marked milestones in my son’s life. They took him from toddler to teen. And now, the spiders are gone.

But the other day, as my son stood there in the kitchen–standing 6 ft. 1 in. tall–he tasted his mud pie birthday cake and giddily shrieked, “This is your best cake yet, Mom!”

His enthusiasm and kindness are reminders that despite age (and height), he is still the same on the inside.

spider rings

Leprechaun Balls…Yum!


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On the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, I dragged out my Cake Pop machine because I needed to redeem myself after my #CakePopFail. You see, awhile back I wrote about Cake Pops Gone Wrong.

In three easy steps, you too can make Leprechaun Balls. And just watch the faces light up!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!