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Hey! I’m now publishing on Medium. Please check me out at:

Tell ’em Otis sent you!


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Just As You Are


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I like to wear anything as long as it’s cotton. I wrote about that here. For me, it’s about being comfortable and being me.

When I don my going-to-work-outfits, I cringe. Slacks, skirts, blouses. I hate them all. The minute I get home (OK, the sixth minute after I get home after greeting Otis and taking him out to pee), I rip off the agitating dresswear, throw it into a pile, and put on a T-shirt and sweatpants or jeans.


My husband likes my comfort wear because he knows it makes me happy. The first time we met in college, I wore a hoodie, jeans, and Nike basketball shoes. Not much has changed!

Like Mark Darcy says to Bridget Jones: “I like you very much just as you are.”

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Bought for a Dime


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What can you buy for a dime these days? And who carries around dimes anyway?

A long time ago, I bought my first record album for a dime. (A record album is a round, vinyl disc the size of a large plate, with songs on it. It requires a record player and uses a needle placed in the groove on the surface in order to play.)

Teaser and the Firecat. At a garage sale.

This was before Yusuf Islam. Before MP3s. This was when I earned dimes as allowance.

I didn’t know who Cat Stevens was. I didn’t own a record player yet. But the colorful and fanciful album cover caught my eye. And with dimes jingling in my pocket, I couldn’t resist.

I never appreciated the song Morning Has Broken until years later. And then I treasured my first music purchase all the more. Bought for a dime.

Heart of Darkness


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Half the town lost power the other night. So, we lived in darkness, like pioneers:

First, we lit the hand-dipped beeswax candles. Then, we milked our cow and churned butter for our dinner. We made lye soap out of wood ash and lard. Then, we stitched a quilt and sang songs by candlelight.

When the power flickered back on exactly two hours later, we went back to our electricity, Netflix, Instagram, iPads, and microwave…licking the freshly made butter from the corners of our mouths.

We lost power last night and embraced the darkness.

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That Dog Sure Can Jump


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Some dogs jump for frisbees. Some jump for tennis balls. Some jump for sticks.

Not my dog.

No. Otis jumps for fabric softener dryer sheets.

He likes to roll on them and smell all perfumey. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they are called Bounce.

That dog can jump!

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Every Day is Mother’s Day


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“Don’t forget Mom this Mother’s Day!” say the ads.

What the?

How about today. Next week. Last month. Every day.

I am reminded that every day is Mother’s Day because every day I exchange words, hugs, kisses, pats, meals, moments with my children.

Watching them thrive and grow. Seeing their passions. Experiencing their strong personalities (ha!) Every day.

I am so proud, blessed, and thankful to be their mother.

Happy Mother’s Day, Week, Month, Year to all of you wonderful mothers! Including my own!

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I’ve Got Spirit, How About You?!


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I always wanted to be a cheerleader. But I never tried out.

I yelled loudly. I knew the cheers. I had spirit.

But I lacked the confidence to try out. You know what? I was on the tennis and track team at my high school. Yep, total jock. 🙂

It wasn’t until years later that I gave cheerleading another try. When I became a parent.

You can find me on the sidelines at most games. Football, soccer, basketball. I yell. I cheer. I have spirit.

Win or lose, I am my childrens’ biggest fan.

I. Am. A. Cheerleader.

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Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your…Hairy Arm


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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend my your ear.

Actually, lend me a hand.

Better yet, how about a hairy arm?

Here’s a little story, I like to call The Help. The other night, I was in the laundry room. Reaching. Reaching my arm deep, deep between the washer and dryer for a sock that had fallen through the cracks.

Ho hum, just trying to do some sock match-making on a Sunday night. I. Had. To. Reach. That. Black. Nike. Sock. Those. Suckers. Are. Expensive.

Then. Whaddya know. Stuck. A little twist and my arm was stuck. I tried to move it this way and that way. I tried to move the dryer with my shoulder. Nothing.

“Someone help me!” I yelled.

(I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! Almost. But instead, my arm is stuck and I can’t get it out!)

My daughter to the rescue! Heave ho, she moved the dryer an inch and I was free. Then she ran to her room and retrieved…

…the hairy arm grabber.

“Here. You can have this to grab the socks, so your arm won’t get stuck next time.”

My daughter, she saved me! I think I’ll pair her socks for a few more years.

hairy arm grabber



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Was it just last year that my seven-year-old rode the kiddie rides at the county fair? Race cars that go in circles. Teacups that spin. Motorcycles that go up and down, up and down.

This year, it was a different story. My son’s adventurous spirit was far bigger than his 51 inches. This year it was sky-high rides, feet dangling, bellies dropping.

He was soaring.

I was an onlooker, standing in the shade, with my ball cap and carrying a hefty backpack full of cold water.

Don’t be sad for me. I was happy.

I am joyful and supportive to see my children happy, growing, thriving, and soaring.

Really. Isn’t that what all parents want for their children?




Red Velvet Cake


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Once upon a time, there was a very large and appetizing red velvet cake sitting in my refrigerator. The cake had big plans to be the centerpiece for our feast the next day.

However. Enter four words: Gluttony and replacement cake.

The evening before our celebration, my husband had taken our children out for a few hours. I had two hours to myself–whoa! It was just me and the dogs. And the cake.

Just one slice. Who will know? I’ll just make a paper-thin slice, then slice up the rest of the cake so that it looks like it came pre-sliced.

Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. (That’s me humming, with knife in hand.)

I made about 10 roundtrips to the refrigerator and back. I couldn’t help it. It was like cake magnetism. Just one more slice. The cold frosting. The moist cake. My teeth were turning pink.

Pretty soon, the cake was hacked and attacked, until only two sad, uneven slices remained.


Quick! Throw a dishtowel on the cake and hide it behind the beer. I could always blame it on the children if I had to, and deny it was me.

That night, I went to bed feeling like I ate, oh, about eight slices too many. Ugh, the belly pain. Ugh, the super red tongue, even after brushing.

But because I was on a mission to cover up the evidence–I just HAD to–that was me at Costco the next morning at 10:01 a.m. to buy…what else? A replacement red velvet cake.

A sleight of hand and bam. That new cake was on a pedestal, smiling. And there I was at lunch, also smiling. And still burping up my indulgence from the night before.

No one could believe the amazing restraint I showed when it was time to slice and serve the cake.

“No thanks, none for me!”

red velvet cake

Now, did you seriously think I ate an ENTIRE cake? And REPLACED it? Well, I DID totally think about it. And I DID actually have two slices and pre-sliced the rest of the cake. As if. 🙂