Christmas in July


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Talk about Christmas in July!

On a recent vacation to Branson, Missouri, we heard there was a Santa Claus convention, bringing in jolly old fellas from across the country and around the world. In fact, many of them stayed at our hotel! Even without their red and white suits, they were easy to spot with their friendly smiles, white beards, and twinkly eyes. We proceeded to be on the lookout for the real Santa Claus.

One winked at us in the lobby. Maybe he was the one? One argued with the front desk clerk about his pillows. Definitely not him.

The next morning, one thousand Santa Clauses were to be in a special parade at 8:00 a.m.

You know how the early bird catches the worm? In our case, the early riser catches the Santa Claus. My eleven-year-old son and I practically ran, hand-in-hand, with giddiness. (My oldest son and daughter opted to sleep in instead…their loss!)

Seeing so many Santa Clauses, Mrs. Clauses, and elves was quite a magical sight! But which one was the one? It was like Where’s Waldo.

Smitten and with a bit of boldness, we greeted the nice gentlemen one by one and asked to pose for a photo. How could they so no to my sweet boy? They could not.

My son wished them Merry Christmas and many said see you on Christmas Eve. One showed my son a special Hawaiian signal. One showed my son his compass hidden in his sock. One let my son hold the special sleigh bells. One gifted him a magic candy cane.

After our encounters, we narrowed it down to three Santa Claus possibilities.

We left with happy hearts, curious minds, and shit-eating grins.

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All Hail the Dandelion


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California poppies grow in cement cracks and flourish amidst rocks alongside of the freeway. Similarly, dandelions can grow through asphalt cracks…or almost anywhere the wind takes them.

Both are examples of flowers that thrive, despite adversity. Both are symbols of strength and life.

One single dandelion can produce up to 172 seeds per head, sending its dandelion babies up to five miles. Oh! And the endless wishes and magic a dandelion brings when you blow its fluffy white head, spreading wishes seeds.

Beauty is everywhere.

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Check out this cool video about the transformation of a dandelion flower:






Cake Hero


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Sometimes I do something that amazes my children. OK, rarely. But when I do, I relish it and likely write about it. 🙂

For example, I made a rainbow cake for St. Patrick’s Day. It wasn’t that hard to make. It was actually a piece of cake. Har har. And the reactions I got?

Mom! You’re the best baker! 

This is the best cake you’ve ever made.

It looks amazing!

And stuff like that.

So basically, I was Cake Hero for a day. Actually I was Cake Hero for two days. Because with six towering layers, there was enough left for an after-school cake fest.


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Can You Bottle That?


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You know how Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton wore vials of each other blood around their necks?

Well, my daughter and I wear vials of silver glitter around our necks–they are pendants of sorts–with the word SHINE written in calligraphy nestled inside.

Quirky art pieces we bought at a local antique store on Mother’s Day.

And while not as headline-making as the vials of blood, these vials are magical. And they have special powers.

What are their powers? They make us feel special, especially when we wear them in unison.

As we were selecting the necklaces, I told my daughter something like this: “You are special. You are full of light. You shine. Wear this proudly and with confidence. Don’t let anyone put you down and take your shine away.”

That message is important and the necklaces serve as reminders, in case we forget or in case we are having a crappy day. Because of that, they are worth infinitely more than the $15 we sprang for each one. In fact, they are priceless.

Is a Horse Faster Than a Car?


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I love kids and their gazillion questions.

My son asks while running down a hill, “Is a horse faster than a car?”

“Uh yeah, horses are fast,” I blurted out. Magic answer. Quick answer. That’s all he wanted to hear. Hell if I know.

Then I went home and looked it up. Dang, I was wrong. According to Wikipedia:

Any car in good working order is faster than a horse on a good road. The top speed of a race horse is around 40 mph and that is only for a few miles. Horses can go where cars can not and so would be faster if crossing streams and jumping gullies and hedges is needed.

But sometimes kids need magical answers. My child was running like a horse. In that moment in time, he was a horse.

Wikipedia and your boring facts: you can suck it.