It’s Soup Time, Bitches!


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Give me your tired, your shriveled,
Your limp veggies yearning to breathe free,
The limp carrots from your teeming fridge.
Send these, the throw-aways, toss them over to me:
I lift my ladle from beside the golden soup.

Do you have soon-to-perish vegetables lingering in your fridge? Give those vegetables a purpose. Let them be soup!

Soup is easy. Soup is healthy. Soup is comforting. Soup is my friend.

This is what I do. I boil the carcass of a roasted chicken or a turkey in water. Remove the bones and whatnot. Add kosher salt and garlic and sometimes crushed red pepper, and bam, you have broth. (I have never written the word carcass. Now I’ve written it twice.)

Add any vegetables you want. Lately, I’ve been using cauliflower, purple onions, yellow peppers, celery, fresh cilantro, fresh spinach, and carrots. Chop away!

I try to use fresh produce, but sometimes, the carrots are kinda floppy. So, I give them a chance to participate.

Add the vegetables to the chicken broth. Boil, stir, then simmer.

And, bam, it’s soup time, bitches!

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Chicks, Ducks, and a Bunny…Oh My!


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Who buys her daughter baby chicks, baby ducks, and a bunny…in the middle of the city?

My mother…that’s who!

Imagine the squeals of delight one Easter morning! The joy! I was the happiest of happy!

We didn’t live in the country. Nor did we have the proper pens and enclosures yet built. We housed our extended family in our laundry room off the kitchen. Added some heat lamps. Purchased feed. Received a donated rabbit hutch for the backyard.

Our farm was set!

Like Fern from Charlotte’s Web, I fed, watered, nurtured, and talked to my animal friends every day. Their peeps and nibbles and sweetness made me overjoyed. My friends thought I was so lucky…indeed, I was!

One baby duck, Quincy, didn’t make it and died after a week. It was a tough life lesson. The other duck, Abraham, thrived.

When the chicks and duck outgrew their soft downy feathers and grew into their adult feathers, it was time to move them from the laundry room to the backyard, into coops and hutches.

One chick grew into–gasp!–a rooster and became the 5:00 a.m. alarm clock for the neighborhood, with his loud cock-a-doodle-dooing. Abraham was so well mannered, that you could leash him and take him for a walk. The rabbit was simply happy with carrots and came out for snuggles.

Our menagerie of animals represented my childhood: colorful, joyful, interesting, and full of life, love, and experiences. My mother was the ring leader, with her big heart and personality, always unconventionally fun and cool. I am so lucky to be her daughter.

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Nice Buns


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Sometimes I wake up and my hair is like whoa!

So I put it into a ponytail and call it good. Or maybe a bun.

For inspiration, I sometimes have to check out this video:




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Once fall hit, it seems like it’s all work and no play. No time for fun and adventuring.

But wait.

A trip to the grocery store proved otherwise. In our busy lives, we have to make time for fun. And for time-strapped families, we need to squeeze in fun in the time we have. Who says you can’t have fun in 10-minute pockets?

Hey, guys! Look! We’re on an African safari!

The “safari” was just the grocery store parking lot…and a little creativity.

After safariing, we proceeded inside to explore and navigate the wild and scary aisles of gluten. What an adventure!

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We’re too old for bubbles.

That was sorta the reaction I got when, on a sunny afternoon, I proclaimed, “Guys! Let’s make bubbles!”

Too. Old. For. Bubbles??? What the?

So I took their reaction as a cue to make up a batch:

  • 6 cups water
  • 1 cup Karo® light corn syrup
  • 2 cups (16 ounces) clear dishwashing liquid (I used Dawn)

Well, whaddya know. Turns out, no one is too old for bubbles.

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Who says white men can't jump? 🙂

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow


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St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. And we kinda make a big deal out of holidays. Around here, we are party animals!

Three out of five people in our home still believe in the magic of leprechauns and squeal when we see rainbows. So, a perfectly magical rainbow cake was in order.

I used a recipe from Betty Crocker. However, instead of (ho hum) white frosting, we made it green. Duh! And added rainbow sprinkles for some St. Patrick’s Day flair.

Step aside, Betty Crocker. Somewhere over the rainbow is Pippi. Who spent two hours of precious weekend time creating a little magic. And the squeals of delight made it. Totally. Worth. It.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May you believe in the magic of rainbows.

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Step Aside Betty Crocker

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I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags


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“Hey Mom, can we go thrift shopping?”

My eight-year-old son is a natural ham. Bring him to Goodwill and he’s like what, what, what, what, what can I try on?

I wear your granddad’s clothes, I look incredible 

I’m in this big ass coat from that thrift shop down the road

We didn’t buy that big-ass pimp coat that day. But we did score a groovy polyester ’70’s button-down shirt and a full-length dookie brown dog costume for Halloween. Both for twenty dollars in my pocket.


Here’s the original video:

Here’s a funny parody:

I Got a Rock


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While I thought my jumbo-cookie-baking skills were amazing, turns out, they dulled in comparison to a freaking giant ocean scene cake. You know, the kind you see on Pinterest. Here’s how it went down.

My daughter and her friends were in the back seat. The subject of birthday cakes came up. A totally fun topic for 10-year-old girls.

Girl #1: One time, my mom made me an ocean cake with waves and buoys and boats and mermaids and fish.

Ooooh! Awesome!

Girl #2: One time, my mom made me an ocean cake with a whale and a surfer and candy all around the edges.


My daughter: One time, my mom made me a giant cookie.


That conversation SO reminded me of Charlie Brown and his trick-or-treating endeavors. He got what? Yeah, a rock.

I’ll take a giant cookie over a rock any day. It’s all relative.

ocean_cake3 ocean_cake_3 ocean_cake_2cookie

Nobody Plays with Sticks


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“Nobody plays with sticks.” It’s a line from like the best dialogues ever between parents of our generation and their children, in the movie This is 40.

PETE (the father)

You’re on your computer too much as it is. You need to get outside more.

DEBBIE (the mother)

Yeah. You can build things. You can build a fort.

SADIE (the teenager daughter)



Yeah, build a fort. Play with your friends.


Make a fort?! Outside? And do what in the fort?


When I was a kid we used to build tree houses and play with sticks.


Nobody plays with sticks.


You and Charlotte can have a lemonade stand.


Play Kick the Can.


Look for dead bodies.


It’s fun.


Get a tire and then take a stick and run down the street with it.


Nobody does that crap. It’s 2012.

Yeah. My kids don’t play with sticks or rocks either. And I’m not exactly of the kick-the-can-generation. But I did make “soup” out of mud. And necklaces out of dandelions. And I skipped rocks on the lake.

From my generation to my children’s generation, technology has infused our lives. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love my laptop and Blu-Rays and iPhone. I love to blog and text and Facebook and watch movies on demand and take digital photographs and Google and play Scrabble on my phone and Tweet and DVDR House Hunters International.

But I also like the simplicity of not doing any of that.

As a family, we go camping every summer. It’s one of the highlights of our year. While there, I can’t even get one bar on my phone! So what we do is hike, carve sticks, make fires, swim, and skip rocks. The simple things. And you know what? My oldest son is a rock-skipping expert and taught me a thing or two.

However, when we are all nestled in our sleeping bags in the tent, I enjoy a late-night game of Scrabble on my phone. Because I can.



Why Men Have Nipples and a Dog Named Helen Keller


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Otherwise known as blueberry picking.

  • Why do men have nipples?
  • What’s better, a flame thrower or a bazooka?
  • Who would win, Avengers or Fantastic Four?

These were topics on our recent family outing to pick blueberries. Naturally.

A local farm. A sunny afternoon. And blueberries, ripe for the picking. We encountered an uncatchable rooster, bleating milk goats, cheerful hollyhocks, an electric fence. And a dog born without eyeballs, named Helen Keller. Naturally.

Taking a little trip to the countryside proved to be quite the experience.

We learned that it takes a long time to fill the bottom of a bucket with blueberries. Plink plink. I was reminded of the classic book Blueberries for Sal. We appreciated all that farmers and fruit pickers do.

We also learned about compassion, as we petted Helen Keller’s soft fur. The owner fostered the puppy, who was now part of the family, and a good guard dog too.

Who knew that $12 would buy so few blueberries, yet so many lessons?