It’s Soup Time, Bitches!


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Give me your tired, your shriveled,
Your limp veggies yearning to breathe free,
The limp carrots from your teeming fridge.
Send these, the throw-aways, toss them over to me:
I lift my ladle from beside the golden soup.

Do you have soon-to-perish vegetables lingering in your fridge? Give those vegetables a purpose. Let them be soup!

Soup is easy. Soup is healthy. Soup is comforting. Soup is my friend.

This is what I do. I boil the carcass of a roasted chicken or a turkey in water. Remove the bones and whatnot. Add kosher salt and garlic and sometimes crushed red pepper, and bam, you have broth. (I have never written the word carcass. Now I’ve written it twice.)

Add any vegetables you want. Lately, I’ve been using cauliflower, purple onions, yellow peppers, celery, fresh cilantro, fresh spinach, and carrots. Chop away!

I try to use fresh produce, but sometimes, the carrots are kinda floppy. So, I give them a chance to participate.

Add the vegetables to the chicken broth. Boil, stir, then simmer.

And, bam, it’s soup time, bitches!

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If You Give a Girl a Knife


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When my daughter was three, we gave her a mini kitchen with pots and pans and bins of plastic food. Pies! Peas! Corn! Sushi! Cupcakes! Fried Chicken!

She loved everything about food preparation and serving. She would “roast” a fake chicken, “bake” pies, and “chop” floppy carrots. For years, she would prep and serve us at her cafe. When she was older, she would write menus for us to order from. And she would expect payment.

Now at 13, her time spent in the kitchen has lessened and her cooking is infrequent. However, if you give that girl a knife, she’ll make a fruit plate in minutes. She chops vegetables like a Kitchen Knife Ninja.

On the sidelines at a recent soccer game, I was talking to some mothers about daughters and their lack of interest in cooking. I told my “knife story” about how my daughter is a pro with a knife.

One of the Moms looked at me like I was insane. You give her knives?? That’s scary!

Um. Pioneer women sliced open buffalo with knives.

It’s not like I handed my daughter a knife and ordered Chop Now! It began with safety skills. Duh. Don’t slice toward your hand. Watch those fingers.

Kitchen skills are about teaching confidence, self sufficiency, survival. Kitchen skills are life skills.

I mean, what would she do if she encountered pineapple?

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Who Cut the Cheese?


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We love cheese. Cheese of all colors and shapes and flavors.

We were in the deli section at Whole Foods and my ten-year-old son wanted to buy a wedge of cheese. It was brie. Not just any brie. Imported and extra ripe brie. It was $7.

Please can we buy it? I’ll pay you back.

How can you say no to a boy wanting to try new things? Especially cheese that’s not cheddar or jack?

When we got home, we couldn’t wait to undo the cellophane and partake. One little peek and whoa! The smell. The stink. The stench. It permeated instantly throughout the kitchen. You could see the stink as it rose from the innocent, triangular wedge.

Did we dare indulge? We had to.

That afternoon, we indeed ate the stinkiest cheese in all the land. Totally worth the $7 for bragging rights.

Shopping. With. Boys.

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Love and Grilled Cheese


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All you need is love. And grilled cheese.

To me, nothing is more comforting when you’re sick than a grilled cheese sandwich. Especially one that’s made with love. And butter. Golden, crusted bread with melted cheese overflowing. When you make one for the patient, you kinda have to make one for yourself.

Our family has been sick a lot this winter. Which means, there has been a whole lot of nurturing going on. And a whole lot of bread, cheese, and butter.

When my youngest son and I visited my aunt and uncle, my uncle asked if we wanted grilled cheese for lunch. Yes! And I could tell it was made with so much love (and American cheese) because it was quite possibly one of the best grilled cheese I have ever eaten. My son and I still reminisce…remember that sandwich?!

It was probably all the love that made it taste so good.

Grilled cheese sandwich = gone in 3 seconds.

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Peachy Keen


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My daughter and I went peach picking. And we bought like 40 lbs. of peaches.

So for the past two weeks, it’s been pretty much peach everything. Just like Bubba said. But instead of shrimp, peaches.

“Shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. There’s, um, shrimp kababs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo, pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple shrimp and lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich…That, that’s about it.”

To me, peaches are summer. Biting into a fresh peach–especially one I’ve just picked from the tree, one that has been warmed by the sun–and have that juice drip down my chin and get my shirt all stained? Yep, that’s about it.

How do you like them peaches?

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We’ll Always Have Broccoli


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It’s time for dinner but what to make?

How about bacon and eggs? Rummaging through the refrigerator. Two eggs. Hmmm. Not enough to feed a family of five. Never mind, no bacon either.

How about hot dogs? The kids love them! Cloacas and all. Hmmmm. Hot dog buns, but no hot dogs.

How about an emergency pizza? I always stock the freezer with several pizzas “in case of emergency.” As in, I am too exhausted to cook. Or we are home too late from soccer practice. Or, a friend is sleeping over and we need to serve something fun. We are out of emergency pizzas. But there are two giant bags of frozen broccoli. Bam!

Can of soup? Yeah, OK. We do have lentil soup. But it’s low sodium and gaggier than my homemade lentil soup, which is like triple gaggy.

How about quesadillas? Um, we’re out of tortillas.

How about peanut butter and jelly? Out of peanut butter.

What about spaghetti? Out of spaghetti? Nah, I think we’re spaghetti’d out.

But there was bread. And cheese. So, bam. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Served with broccoli. Because, no matter how slight the groceries, we’ll always have lentils and broccoli.

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Dead Bodies. It’s What’s For Dinner.


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“Ew, what smells like dead bodies?” grimaces my nine-year-old son as he enters the kitchen.

Um. That would be the homemade spaghetti sauce simmering in the crock pot.

So yeah, after that comment, I knew that a quick stop at the Whistle Stop Cafe Baja Fresh to pick up burritos was my new plan for dinner.

Because, conjuring up that scene in Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe? Ew.

But the next day, after all of the spices in the “secret sauce” had blended, we all feasted on spaghetti.

And it was delicious!

Homemade spaghetti sauce. Made with dead bodies?

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Got Cauliflower?


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Got Cauliflower?
-by Pesky Pippi

Cauliflower au gratin
Smells so horribly rotten

Its nutrition can’t be beat
Though it smells like putrid feet

Especially when steamed or boiled
I may have to recoil

Or plug my nose
I suppose

Despite its scent
Ladies and gents
It’s packed with fiber and antioxidants

Eat a bunch
It packs a mean punch (fart sound goes here)

Cauliflower will make you thinner!
Cauliflower. It’s what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner


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“You can have any fabric as long as it’s cotton.”

Ah, cotton. So soft. So comforting. So darn comfortable.

I am happiest when I wear cotton. Cotton t-shirts, jeans, hoodies, socks. Yes, please!

Even when I am required to dress up for work, I try to incorporate cotton. Perhaps a “fancy” t-shirt with a cotton-infused cardigan? Perhaps a cotton dress? Fake fabrics make me sweat. And itch. And bitch.

At family meals and celebrations at our house, there is no dress code. We are casual. I believe in comfort. Because comfort = happy. Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy. As long as you’re here, come as you are.

Cotton jammy pants? Fine. Cotton hoodies that happen to be inside-out? Fine. No shirt? Fine. Cotton jammy pants as your shirt? Fine.

Meatloaf with a side of cotton, please.

Easter Eve. Always casual around here. Pants optional. Jammies up to your neck, also optional.

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Cookie Town


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Do you remember the Saturday Night Live Taco Town skit, with the mega-layered taco?

You don’t remember?? Well, there’s this beef taco in a corn tortilla, wrapped in a flour tortilla, then a gordita. Then baked in a corn husk, wrapped with a Parisian crepe. But wait there’s more. Then it’s wrapped in a Chicago deep-dish pizza, then a blueberry pancake. And finally. Deep fried ’til it’s golden brown.

THAT taco. Check out the video here.

That’s what I’m taco-ing about. There. I said it. 🙂

I had the most amazing, “Cookie Town” cookie in San Francisco that reminded me of. The. Taco.

Check this out. It was a giant chocolate chip cookie, dipped in chocolate, with M&Ms on top.

OK, not quite so layered. But, dang!

Snack time!

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