Rocking the $14 Dress


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Confidence is wearing a $14 dress from Costco…and rocking it.

And accessorizing with $1 shell necklaces. And old tights. (Tights that you snagged when you hoisted them up and you’re hoping that the hole doesn’t show in the meeting. P.S. Why do they make tights so short, forcing you to hoist them up in the first place??)

And adding your go-to cardigan–black, of course–and comfortable square dance shoes. I wrote about those here.


I don’t have an amazing wardrobe or sense of style.

I don’t really need either one, what with my personality, confidence, and sense of humor. Ha!

Rock what you’ve got!

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I Wish


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I wish I could just get rid of THIS. And she grabbed the flab at her belly, to emphasize the extra bulk and her dissatisfaction with herself. This woman is tall, amazing, and beautiful. Nearly six feet tall. Slender and active. Pretty eyes and cute pony tail. Mother of two. And yet, she’s so hard on herself. Pointing out flaws, instead of embracing all the good that she is and does.

Why are we so hard on ourselves?

The January covers of health magazines feature “Here’s to a brand new you!” And offer tips how we can change and transform ourselves. How to be healthier, slimmer, better.

But I think what we need to transform first is our self love.

We need to start loving ourselves more.

When the negative self-deprecating thoughts take over, it’s time to reframe. Maybe go for a hike to breathe in some fresh air, admire some big trees and the beauty that is everywhere, and get a fresh perspective on the bigger picture.

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I have a pretty high tolerance for the gross, bizarre, and inappropriate.

However, my conversation with Barbie raised some TMI (too much information) eyebrows.

Last weekend, Barbie groomed my eyebrows at the brow bar. I had been there before because Barbie is a pro. Except her name isn’t actually Barbie, but it might as well have been with her long blonde hair, blue eyes, tan in the winter, perfectly groomed brows, perfectly fake breasts, thin body.

While she was waxing my brows, we started chatting.

About the new recipes we tried. Barbie likes to make Chicken Cordon Bleu.

About her commute. She drives 40 minutes to work.

About her new apartment. And her boyfriend. And how he just bought her a head-to-toe laser hair removal treatment.


But then Barbie kept talking about the procedure. In detail. Including the Brazilian.

TMI, Barbie!

“I’ll never have to shave again!” she exclaimed.

Yeah, thanks for the visual.


Bra Shopping is Like A Boobylicious Party


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Going bra shopping these days is like a candy shop for your boobs. Purple polka dots. Leopard. Hot pink. Aqua. Flowery. Zig-zag. Stripes. Checkered. Lacy. Silky.

  • The colors!
  • The choices!
  • The fun!

It’s like a boobylicious party. I wrote a previous post about bra shopping here: It’s the Bra Stupid.

It’s amazing how much a new bra makes you feel so much better about yourself. With my new purchases, my boobs are now back in my peripheral vision.

You may be wooed or disgusted by the labels…Age Defying Lift…Extreme Ego Boost…Attention Thief…Over Achiever…and my favorite: Prepare to Stop Traffic.

As for me?

I may need to change my name from Pesky Pippi to Perky Pippi. #justsaying




Time to Wax the Lorax Lip?


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If your brows are looking a little bushy. And your upper lip is looking a little moustache-y. You might be rocking the Lorax look.

And if you live in Lorax land, you’ll fit right in. By I live in the Land of Milk and Honey. And we don’t let our women look Lorax-y.

So it might be time to waxy your Lorax-y.

Pippi visited the scary wax lady today. Scary because ya don’t really want to come out looking like Tammy Faye. But when they greeted me like Grandmother greeted the wolf, with “My what bushy eyebrows you have,” I knew I was in for a waxalicious treat.

She used so much wax, I thought it was it was Hanukkah.


Got Wrinkles? Yeah. Shut the Front Door!


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So, I go to the Lancome make-up counter during my lunch break to buy some new eyeshadow.

The make-up girl was unhelpful and a little rude. She boldly suggests that I try the intense anti-wrinkle serum…for extreme wrinkles. Extreme wrinkles?! “Maybe you should try the intense anti-wrinkle serum,” she suggests.

Dude! I know I’ve got some wrinkles around the eyes. Don’t you think I see them every day? Dude! I have big cheeks that go up when I smile and laugh. Too much LOLing, I guess.

I don’t need an orangey-tanned make-up sales tot reminding me. Uh, maybe you should try a college education?

I am reminded of the classic scene in Fried Green Tomatoes when Kathy Bates gets “Towanda” power and bashes into the young woman’s car in the parking lot, exclaiming “I’m older and I have more insurance.” Ugh. Have I turned into Kathy Bates?

Maybe next time, I’ll just visit my gesties (gay besties) at the MAC make-up counter. At least they don’t say mean things to my wrinkled face.

5 Body Changes With Babies


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I made three babies. And I have had five unexpected body changes as a result:

  1. Bigger feet. Yep, they grew a half a size. Time to go shoe shopping!
  2. Belly roll. Gotta tuck it into my jeans.
  3. Jaw that clicks. Giving birth to one of my children resulted in my jaw clicking and popping. Permanently.
  4. Breasts. Breasts permanently increased a full cup size. Woohoo! But now they require a fork lift.
  5. Heart bursting with love. Enough said.

Change is good.




Pippi’s Peppy Popeye Smoothies


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Is that spinach in your smoothie, or are you happy to see me?

I wrote about the ease and nutrition of protein breakfast smoothies awhile back. Check that here. My newest ingredient? Spinach. Yeah, you heard me. They are officially renamed to Pippi’s Peppy Popeye Smoothies. These nutrition-packed suckers are perfect for when I am running late. Getting the kids out the door for school. And oops, I forgot one of my earrings. And my navy tights don’t match my black outfit. And where is my phone and where are my keys? Time to go. NOW.

But wait! Don’t forget to eat your salad for breakfast! (Seriously, you can’t even taste it. It just looks a teensy bit gaggy.) You, too, can buzz up the smoothie while yelling “Hurry! Time to go! Finish your breakfast! Brush your teeth! Shoes on! Jackets! Backpacks!”

Just talk to my friend Sara, who also sneaks in vegetables. She’s on Twitter @Sar_Wah and her blog is She’s a super healthy Mum who tries to eat right and have a fulfilling life. Go Sara!

Pippi’s Peppy Popeye Smoothies

  • a blender
  • a cup or so of nonfat milk
  • a banana
  • big scoop or 2 Tbs. protein powder (preferably plain)
  • handful of frozen blueberries
  • two ginormous handfuls of washed, fresh spinach

Check out the jumbo bag of spinach. I don’t know whether to eat it. Or sleep on it.

Breakfast is important. Partake! And maybe, with the added spinach, you can kick some ass today.

It’s the Bra, Stupid


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Knock knock. Who’s there? Nice knockers.

Have you been bra shopping in awhile? No? Maybe you should.

Whether you wear t-shirts (my uniform) or sweaters or blouses, a new, good-fitting bra makes a huge, ahem, or medium difference.

I went bra shopping today. They have bras to lift (OK, who doesn’t want lift??), support, enhance, minimize, smooth, push up…you name it.

What a difference! “Apollo 13, we have lift-off!”

Awhile back, I went to the Nordstrom lingerie department and got properly fitted for a bra. It was an embarrassing experience: the clerk tugged, poked, adjusted, squeezed. Nah, she didn’t squeeze. But she did tell me, “You have really nice breast tissue.”

Whoa! Excellent! Now THAT’S something you don’t hear every day. Especially after birthing and breast feeding three children.

Hey Babe, #nicebreasttissue.

“Can You Fit Into the Booth?”


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“Can You Fit Into the Booth?”…and other funky questions they ask you at restaurants.

Today, I lunched with my friends after soccer (soccer as in football for my global friends). Yeah, we are a bunch of jocks. Hungry jocks.

In we walked into this Thai restaurant. The five of us were sweaty and a little crazy. Giddy from scoring so many goals, ya know? The restaurant was totally empty and we could basically sit anywhere. We eyed the booth. The hostess/waitress had other plans for us: the dreaded table out in the open by the kitchen.

“Nah,” I said, “We’d like the booth please.”

She goes, “Can you fit into the booth?” Say what??

We’re like, “Yeah we can fit.” And to ourselves, we’re like: we  just worked out; if we’re too big for a booth, maybe we should order a salad. With the dressing on the side. Gotta watch those carbs. Seriously? Way to sell us a three-course meal by insinuating that we are too large.

But it was probably just a case in lost in translation. Because she suggested drinks (yes!) and appetizers (no way!)

Oh, and by the way, booths are my all-time favorite places to sit. Love the vinyl bench seat. Love cozying up to my buddies—my  sweaty, stinky buddies.

Here are other questions that bug me at restaurants:

  1. “So, will it just be the two of you?” Uh, yeah. Ya got a problem with that? The other day, my husband and I took our son out for lunch and the hostess asked exactly that. “So, just the three of you.” Why yes, isn’t three good enough for you?  And what if you went out solo? Hostesses, bet ya didn’t know you needed to be more aware of your line of questioning, did ya?
  2. “Is everything tasting OK?” And you think, yeah, it tastes OK. Not great, not the best ever. But OK.
  3. “Can I take your plate or are you still working on that?” when there’s like ratty old carrot left. And the fork is resting on the plate. Gee, no, I’m going to pick up the plate and lick it. You know how you should respond?

“Can you please box up the rest?”

If I keep eating like that, I just might be able to fit into the booth the next time…