Juicy Eyeballs


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Time for my eye exam!

They took a picture of the back of my eye and showed me so I could ooh and aah at my veins and vessels, my macula and fovea, and whatnot. I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at.

Why does everything look so shiny? I asked.

Because you eat lots of vegetables. You have healthy eyes!
They told me.

Well, whaddya know.

My vegetable consumption is paying off in health benefits. All those f’ing spinach salads and cauliflower. Read here about the wonder vegetables for healthy eyeballs.

It seems that I have hit the magic age when my face is starting to droop, wrinkles are appearing, and hairs are sprouting in all the wrong places.

So, when I heard that I have juicy eyeballs, it kinda made my day.

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This time of year always makes my heart so happy and proud. And also a little sad. Graduation! I get goosebumps when I see someone in cap and gown. I tear up when I hear Pomp and Circumstance. I always cry at graduations. It’s a happy sad cry.

I could be hired to attend strangers’ graduation ceremonies. If someone needs a person to cheer, to cry, or to take proud pictures afterward, I’m your gal.

I have friends whose children just graduated from college. Just graduated from preschool. Friends whose children were “promoted” from 8th grade to high school. Others from 5th grade to middle school. My son graduated from 5th grade this week. No more elementary school. He is my youngest. Sad happy.

These are all wonderful milestones–backed by hard work and parental love and support–that deserve celebration. I am proud of everyone! I was so busy woohoo’ing when my son shook hands with the principal, that I missed the photo opportunity when he posed with his certificate in hand. Oh well, the whole gym heard my enthusiasm! Afterward, I hugged all of his friends. My support is genuine.

Graduations are transitions that symbolize growth. But also change. Sometimes change can be hard for us parents. I know many fellow parents who have that same happy/sad feeling too. Here’s a hug and some Kleenex. And some inspirational words from Dr. Seuss in Oh, the Places You’ll Go! (as quoted at the 5th grade commencement speech), words to reassure us that everything will be OK:

Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You’re off to Great Places!

Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So…get on your way!

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The Secrets of the Saguaro


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Sigh. Another year older.

Yeah, that’s not how I view birthdays. I’m more like: I’m happy to be alive! Go me!

This picture was taken on my 46th birthday last week. Not another year older, but another year to embrace life. How lucky is that?!

Here’s a tip. If you’re feeling a little old, stand next to something that’s even older. Like a saguaro cactus. That sucker is 150 years old. Just look at how tall and proud it stands.

The great saguaro whispered a few of its secrets to me, in that magical desert:

Stand tall. Smile big. Be proud. Embrace life. Enjoy the sunshine…and the prickles.

Saguaros are my favorite!

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“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

-George Bernard Shaw

Thank you to my friend Gina who reminded me of this most excellent quote. And thank you to my husband who special ordered me a gallon of glycerin, the magic ingredient for giant bubbles.

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The Carousel


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I used to devour cotton candy, corn dogs, Cheetos, and root beer!

Now that stuff makes me sick.

I used to love roller coasters, spinning rides, and hanging upside down!

Now those make me nauseated.

I used to adore trampolines!

Now they make me pee.

But I can still ride the carousel! We rode the carousel to celebrate the first day of summer vacation. We must have ridden a dozen times in a row. Wheee! A hand-carved beauty of a carousel, dating back to 1911. I rode the horse, then the dog, then the cat, then the other horse, then the pig, then the frog. On the magical carousel, I was young again!


All the (mild) spinning combined with the heat of the afternoon was enough to make me dizzy. Ugh. Nix carousel riding.

Thank goodness for sky-high, soft serve ice cream cones to the rescue. That, I can handle!

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You’re a Rockstar!


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“Holy cow! You’re a rockstar!” praised the imaging technician when I completed my mammogram.

I nearly high-fived her with so much excitement and all! I guess I’m pretty good at having my breasts flattened like Flat Stanley. Go me! Go team!

Go you. Go get your mammogram scheduled. You can handle it. Read here about what a mammogram entails. The American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms for women who are 40 and older. If you’re in your 20s and older, monthly breast self examinations and an annual clinical breast exams are recommended.

So, whatever you call them…

Breasts, boobs, boobies, tatas, girls, bosoms, titties, jugs, melons, hooters, tits, knockers, twins, blossoms…

Get ’em checked. Go be a rockstar.

Get 'em checked. #mammogram

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Big Kid


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A little kid in our neighborhood saw me walking. I was wearing a baseball cap, being pulled by Otis.

“There goes that big kid again,” I heard her say to her mother.

A big (45-year-old) kid.

She made my day.

Time to celebrate the kid within!

Celebrating life!

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Age Spots?


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A dermatology appointment. Because. I thought I had skin cancer.

The doctor took a quick look at a little bump on my forehead. Um. That is an age spot, he said.

What a relief. Not skin cancer. Just old.

Um. Old? Um. Not me. I’m effervescent! My friend told me so. Effervescent means vivacious and enthusiastic.

I’m more like Benjamin Button. Getting younger by the day, not older. Silly doctor.


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You’re So Old


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Hey y’all! Today is my birthday, so I have compiled my favorite “you’re so old” lines. Forty-four of them!

The first 10 are, uh, from personal experiences and make my kids’ jaws drop.

  1. I’m so old, I lived before the Internet was invented.
  2. I’m so old, gas used to be less than 90 cents a gallon.
  3. I’m so old, my classrooms had chalkboards.
  4. I’m so old, I had to develop film, 36 pictures at a time.
  5. I’m so old, I typed my essays on a typewriter.
  6. I’m so old, I remember when airplanes had smoking sections.
  7. I’m so old, I used the Encyclopedia Britannica for research. At the library.
  8. I’m so old, I remember when TVs didn’t even have remote controls.
  9. I’m so old I remember when MTV played music videos.
  10. I’m so old, I had a phone with a rotary dial. And a cord. A really long, curly cord.
  11. You’re so old that when you Google “old,” it’s you.
  12. You’re so old, when you were a child, rainbows were black and white.
  13. You’re so old, your birth certificate expired.
  14. You’re so old, you had fossils instead of Instagram.
  15. You’re so old, the key on Ben Franklin’s kite was to your apartment.
  16. You’re so old your first concert t shirt says, “I watched the Big Bang and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”
  17. You’re so old that when you were in school there was no history class.
  18. You’re so old you know the correct use of “your” and “you’re.”
  19. You’re so old, the candles cost more than the birthday cake.
  20. You’re so old, you drove a chariot to prom.
  21. You’re so old, you measure your age in epochs, not years.
  22. You’re so old, you have an autographed copy of the Bible.
  23. You’re so old, your doodles were hieroglyphics.
  24. You’re so old, you sprinkle Metamucil on your Metamucil.
  25. You’re so old, you took drama class with Shakespeare.
  26. You’re so old, when you get in an elevator, you know all the songs.
  27. You’re so old, when you walked out of a museum, the alarm went off.
  28. You’re so old, your first pet was a T-Rex
  29. You’re so old you have a picture of Jesus in your yearbook.
  30. You’re so old, you waitressed at the last supper.
  31. You’re so old, that watching Jurassic Park, brought back memories.
  32. You’re so old, you got your mail with a carrier pigeon
  33. You’re so old, you walked into an antique shop and they sold you.
  34. You’re so old, your Social Security number is 12.
  35. You’re so old, the first time your boyfriend got a naked picture of you it was a cave painting.
  36. You’re so old, that your liver spots have liver spots.
  37. You’re so old, Geronimo used to call out YOUR name when he jumped off of something.
  38. You’re so old, the last time you farted, cobwebs shot out.
  39. You’re so old, you remember when the Grand Canyon was just a babbling brook.
  40. You’re so old, your first watch was a sun dial.
  41. You’re so old, your nipples have callouses from dragging on the floor.
  42. You’re so old, Depends turned you down because they were looking for someone younger and hotter for their ads.
  43. You’re so old The Flintstones was a show about the distant future.
  44. You’re so old, vultures constantly circle your house.

Thanks to two of my Twitter buddies @DiaperDads and @groovnlikeaboss, who helped contribute to this list.

Cheers! Here’s to another 44 years!


Old Wives’ Tales


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I know two pregnant friends. Ooh, both with babies due in the Fall!

We got to talking about food cravings. Morning sickness. If they were having a boy or a girl. I spouted, “If you had bad morning sickness, you’re probably having a girl. Girls make you sicker than boys.”

It was an old wives’ tale about pregnancy. Someone told it to me when I was pregnant, and I was simply repeating it. Here are 10 old wives’ tales about pregnancy.

An old wives’ tale is a type of urban legend, which is generally passed down by old wives to a younger generation.

Yikes! It just hit me! The realization that I have turned into one of those old wives.

old wives