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Last year, my in-laws took my youngest son on a cruise to Alaska. What an adventure! We sent him with an old iPhone so he could text us and reassure us that he was safe.

About halfway through the trip, we got a text–not from him–but from AT&T stating that we were racking up charges. To the tune of $300. Then $600. Turns out that my son was being charged international roaming charges when the ship was at sea.

I had the sinking feeling that we would be anchored with a Titanic phone bill.

We texted my son and my in-laws. Turn off the phone! We left voicemails. No answer. When the three of them finally docked in Juneau, we got through. Glad you’re OK! Now turn off your phone!

The AT&T charges finally reached $1,300.

I called AT&T and knew I had to sweet talk my way out of paying for this. I drummed up all the sweetness I could. Gosh, my ten-year-old is with his grandparents on a cruise in Alaska. We surely didn’t know about roaming charges. Oh…we needed to call you ahead of time to sign up for a special international plan? I didn’t know. Thank you soooooo much.

The customer service representative was equally nice. In the end, he only charged me $35 to sign up for the special international plan. Sweet!

Another example of how you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

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