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There was a four-way stop intersection by my daughter’s middle school. Except one of the stop signs was placed really far from the corner, making it hard to see.

This resulted in many people not stopping at the corner, and blasting right through.

This put children at risk, right in front of their school.

I actually witnessed a few people running the stop sign. I once ran the stop too.

I took action. I was prepared to make a petition, attend community meetings, discuss this with my town’s politicians. Whatever it took.

I started by calling City Hall to state the problem: There needs to be a new stop sign installed by the school, placed where drivers can see it clearly, for the safety of the children.

Turns out the city department and the street department met immediately to discuss the problem. When I called back to follow up, I was reassured that this issue would be addressed.

And it was.

Within 10 days of my first call, a new stop sign was put in at the proper place at the corner. So that everyone could see it.

My daughter said I’m a hero.

Nah. I’m just trying to make the world a better place for one person. Or maybe more.


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