The Best $3.99 I Ever Spent


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The spotty lizard-snake whispered to us at Goodwill. Much like the snake that whispered to Harry Potter.

Except this was a lizard-snake costume. And it didn’t whisper; the price tag yelled: $3.99.

How could we not buy it?

My son already had his Halloween costume picked out three weeks prior. Spiderman. I let him wear it whenever he wanted. So he did. Daily. Until it became Spiderman shreds. Read that post here.

When Halloween came around, it was spotty lizard-snake to the rescue. Paired with his sister’s tights, it was a hit.

That was two years ago. Since then, that costume has been worn regularly. Worn to play video games. To play hide-and-seek. To sleep in. To lend to friends to wear to play video games, etc.

I’m not sure how much longer the lizard-snake costume will still fit. One day, it will likely return to Goodwill for another boy to get his $3.99 worth.

A photo posted by PeskyPippi (@peskypippi) on

A photo posted by PeskyPippi (@peskypippi) on

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