Here’s to New!


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New adventures.
New friends.
New experiences.
New worries.
New connections.
New chances.
New fears.
New giggles.
New places.
New surprises.
New life lessons.
New approaches.
New accomplishments.
New fun.
New frustrations.
New happiness.
New heartaches.
New messes.
New delights.
New fails.
New joys.
New faces.
New wonders.
New perspectives.
New milestones.
New opportunities.
New laughs.
New experiences.
New failures.
New moments.
New memories.
New problems.
New challenges.
New arguments.
New horizons.
New options.
New celebrations.
New ways of thinking.
New goals.
New things to learn.
New wishes.
New dreams.
New plans.
New recipes.
New traditions.
New dance moves.
New excursions.
New mistakes.
New attitudes.
New starts.
New stories.
New beginnings.

I’m ready for 2016…are you?

Happy New Year!


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