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I once went to a dentist where the dental hygienist told me that she would brush her tongue so far back that she would make herself gag. She said that was a sign that her tongue was really clean.

Yeah. She told this me while her hands were in my mouth and my only option was to say, “huh.” Because everyone knows you can’t say anything with clarity when someone’s hands are in your mouth.

Do you know what is even gaggier? The dentist there was convicted of stabbing his wife to death with a pair of her sewing scissors. Yeah. Those murderer’s hands were also in my mouth, poking around with shiny, silver, sharp scrapers. Yikes!

You can guess that I promptly changed dentists. I now have a dental hygienist who asks me lots of questions while her hands are in my mouth. But at least my new dentist has not been convicted of murder. Yet.

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Um holy root canal, Batman!

I know, right?!


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