The Strip Club


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I have always wanted to go to a strip club. It’s taken decades, but one night I finally went for it!

My friend and I were awkward, but giddy. We barely made it through the doorway without laughing. We bought drinks and sat down, looking uncomfortable but eager.

The music started pumping. So did the pelvises. Pelvises were thrusting in our faces. We started cracking up and could not stop. The guys’ shirts came off. Butts were gyrating in our faces. The laughter continued.

When one of the guys posed with us for pictures, I patted him on the shoulder and said in a motherly-I’m-proud-of-you voice, “You did such a great job!”

He beamed and seemed to appreciate that more that the dollar bills he had collected that night.

Letting loose and being silly with a friend, laughing our heads off, tucking dollars into underwear, making new “friends.” It was a night of letting it all hang out. Literally.

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