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Motherhood: I went from jaw-clenching to jaw-dropping.

When I gave birth to my daughter, I clenched my jaw so tight that I developed TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint) disorder. This required physical therapy. More about birth stories here.

I can still make my jaw pop on command, anytime. Poppity pop.

But the second I first saw my baby girl, my jaw dropped. It was love at first sight.

Besides my jaw popping, do you know what else that girl has given me?

A deeper heart from loving her so much. Laugh lines from all the smiling and laughing. Tears of joy when I think about our sweet memories and her milestones. Bursting pride when I see her so confident, smart, strong, and accomplished. Giddiness when I greet her after school. Amazement when I see her shine, doing something she loves, trying something new. Understanding, when we talk about problems. Sadness and compassion; whenever her heart breaks, my heart breaks. Forever friendship–some people say parents can’t befriend their children. (I think that’s crap.)

Happy 13th birthday to a young woman who has already given me oh-so much.

Happy birthday to my daughter!

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Happy Birthday, mini-Pippi!!!

Thank you so much! I will tell her!


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