The $100 Dollar Bill


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Now that my sixteen-year-old son is driving, he runs errands. He makes decisions. And he buys his own football cleats.

Except, he still needs me for money.

When the time came to get a new pair of football cleats, I handed my son a $100 dollar bill from the red envelope that contained my gift money from last Christmas. Money saved for “something special.”

Bring me back the change!

He drove. He shopped. He returned with a sparkling new pair of cleats.

Mom, you owe me $28.


Football season is well underway. As I watch my son tackle, sweat, and work so hard, I am so proud. Post-game, I always get a big, sweaty hug and smile.

So, yeah, that $100 bill was indeed used for something special.

Friday night lights.

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