The Woman Who Runs with The Big Dog


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I read something recently about the nicknames you give neighbors when you don’t know their actual names.

Like, The Guy Who Drives the Jeep Rubicon. Or, The Woman with the Little White Dog Named Pierre.

One of my neighbors has become: The Woman Who Gave Us Tomatoes.

My kids are like who? 

You know, her husband is The Guy Who Drives the Jeep Rubicon?

Oh yeah!

These names we give people reminds me of Stands with a Fist from the movie Dances with Wolves. So much more descriptive than Janice.

After The Woman Who Gave Us Tomatoes graciously gifted me another batch of the reddest tomatoes from her garden, I wanted to thank her by name. So I had to embarrassingly ask her again. Now I know.

And she told me with a smile, I had to ask so-and-so what your name was. I described you as The Woman Who Runs with the Big Dog.

Nice to meet you!

She Who Runs With Big Dog

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