Hairy Clumps and Catching Skunks


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My 10-year-old son and I were hanging out on the patio. We opened up the cards from the game You Gotta Be Kidding! The questions are hilarious and thought provoking, and certainly generate a fun dialogue:

Would you rather catch a porcupine thrown from a second-story window? Or a skunk thrown from the same window? A porcupine? No way! That would hurt. You can always wash off skunk smell. 

Would you rather chew a piece of toenail off a dirty man’s foot or lick every inch of his unwashed armpit? Licking an armpit? Disgusting! But chewing a piece of toenail off someone’s foot? Yeah, but you could use the toenail for a toothpick! 

Would you rather drink liquid found leaking from a garbage bag or chew on a hairy clump found between the cushions of an old couch? Ewww, I would never drink from the garbage bag. Do you know how gross that is?! Yeah, but I’m not sure I could chew an unknown hairy clump.

Would you rather have a small butt on your forehead or two little feet dangling beneath your chin? Definitely, a small butt on my forehead. You can always wear a hat or grow bangs.

We were laughing, talking, reasoning, and laughing some more. I am still envisioning two little feet dangling beneath my chin…and chuckling.

I read reviews of the game and was surprised that some people disapprove: “Disgusting, inappropriate, gross.”

You gotta be kidding!

Hmmmm…spending time talking and laughing with your children, being creative, explaining your answers, empowering children to be confident to reason and debate? I would rather chew a hairy clump than spend time with people who are so easily disgusted. 🙂

That face could sell applesauce.

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