Demolition Derby


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I just love a good, old-fashioned Demolition Derby. Where people come to crash cars…the last one running wins.

I love the smashing of metal. The demolition. The destruction.

It’s that time of year–county fair time–when people come to watch and cheer on the wreckage. I am always one of the loudest fans.

Except. When it comes to demolishing beautiful red barns, I am heartbroken.

There’s a place along my run where I often stop to take in the view. Of the barn, the trees, and the clouds in the distance. So peaceful and perfectly bucolic.

But one day, the bulldozers came in to clear the land and demolish that lovely barn. Where the horses once frolicked. Where the hay was piled up to the rafters. Where the runner and her dog would pause to take in the scenery.

After two days of smashing and destruction, nary a barn board or tree was left. Only memories.

Once there was a beautiful red barn surrounded by trees. Now all that is left is rubble, dirt, and memories.

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That makes me so sad. There are a bunch of beautiful places I like to enjoy along my runs and it’s heartbreaking when they are destroyed.

They are making way for 150 new homes. Guess that’s a lot of future memories in store…but still.

Enjoy the scenery while you can, I guess!


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