The Lie


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My 10-year-old son loves cars. He researches them. Studies and cites car facts. Spots supercars whenever he can. Watches Top Gear religiously.

One day he spotted a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta! It made his day!

Another day, we came upon Go-Karts. He was thrilled!

Must be 12 and up to ride. Said the sign.

He was devastated.

I went up to the counter to buy tickets for my daughter and my son. Is he 12? Asked the guy behind the counter.

Um, almost. I answered enthusiastically.

Today, he is 12. Said the guy angel behind the counter.

Yes! Today he is 12! I echoed.

My son had the biggest grin as they handed him the golden coin to ride. It was even better than the golden ticket Charlie Bucket found.

My son raced with such glee and confidence, I think we should lie more often.

Spotting a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta made his day!

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You must be 12 and up to drive go-karts. So today he was 12. Wink!

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