Who Cut the Cheese?


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We love cheese. Cheese of all colors and shapes and flavors.

We were in the deli section at Whole Foods and my ten-year-old son wanted to buy a wedge of cheese. It was brie. Not just any brie. Imported and extra ripe brie. It was $7.

Please can we buy it? I’ll pay you back.

How can you say no to a boy wanting to try new things? Especially cheese that’s not cheddar or jack?

When we got home, we couldn’t wait to undo the cellophane and partake. One little peek and whoa! The smell. The stink. The stench. It permeated instantly throughout the kitchen. You could see the stink as it rose from the innocent, triangular wedge.

Did we dare indulge? We had to.

That afternoon, we indeed ate the stinkiest cheese in all the land. Totally worth the $7 for bragging rights.

Shopping. With. Boys.

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