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I love photos taken with the same people, same poses, same locations. But years apart. I like to see what has stayed the same and what has changed.

Every summer, we go camping at the same location, with the same people. I had in mind some photo poses I wanted to “recreate.” Guess I was trying to recreate those sweet little moments from the past.

C’mon kids! Sit on the log and hold a stick. Just like you did seven years ago! 

So they did. And I got the shot.

Then, I was like, C’mon kids! Let’s go to the dock and take a stair-step picture!

Eye rolls. My daughter was like, Mom. We don’t need to take the same old pictures. Oh my goodness, she was right: Time to have new fun.

So, off we swam in the lake with inner tubes and Otis. Making new memories and having new fun. And capturing a few new photos.

Now and then.

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Happy campers.

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