Growing Like A Fir


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Children. They grow fast. “You’re growing like a weed.” Remember when your grandmother used to say that to you?

Except. Weeds stop growing after awhile. We should change the saying to “You’re growing like a fir.”

Experts at Cal Poly estimate that a Douglas fir grows up to 24 inches a year. And a mature Douglas fir can reach 200 or 300 feet in the wild.

Don’t we want our children to be fir-like? Strong. Grounded. Beautiful. Healthy. Thriving.

…and home to grouse, nuthatches, warblers, squirrels, and chipmunks. 😉

Here’s a picture of my son. So tall that he doesn’t fit in the picture. I guess you’d say he’s growing like a fir.

Growing like a weed…so tall he doesn't fit in the picture. 😉

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"You're growing like a fir."

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