I Fist-Bumped a Stranger


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A few weeks ago, I had jury duty. There were about 40 of us waiting to be (or not to be) picked as the 12 jurors.

It was a rape case. It was to last at least week. Ugh.

Why couldn’t I get selected to be on a jewel theft case?

My fellow jurors and I did a lot of waiting around. And a lot of talking. I met a big guy named Pete who arrived in his construction clothing. He told me he was called in at the last minute and had to leave his truck at the job site because “I sure as hell ain’t letting someone steal thousands of dollars of equipment.” I nodded in agreement.

Pete has been married for 25 years, has no kids but several brothers, and two very cute dachshunds named Ruger and General. He showed me pictures on his phone. Several.

So I showed him pictures of Otis.

It took six hours to finally select the jury. Pete and I didn’t make the final cut. Whew! So, of course we grinned and fist-bumped. We began the morning as strangers and ended the afternoon as dog-loving-friends.

What a poser.

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I’ll bet those two little dogs could kill Otis…. he’d choke on them like 2 tiny sausages.

Ha! Maybe it’s best they never met. Little tasty apps…


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