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Farts are funny, especially in a family with children.

Farts come up regularly in our everyday conversations, in jokes, and in pranks. And they come out (also regularly) in the bathtub, in a car with the windows closed. Ew…who farted?!

But you don’t. Ever. Fart. On. My. Newish. Sofa. I bought it at Macy’s.

A book about fart sounds? Right up our alley. In fact, Farts Around the World is quite educational. You learn about farts in Switzerland that resemble goat herding in the Alps. About farts in Jamaica that sound like Reggae music.

So, what’s for dinner? A big ol’ pot of beans. They are good source of fiber and protein. They are cheap. They are delicious. And they provide oh-so-much fun.

Beans. Fueling your body and your sense of humor. 🙂

The perfect book.

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Dear Pesky Pippi. I am a well-educated 45 year old man & I still find farts to be quite amusing. Is there something wrong with me??? I would appreciate any help or advice.
Best regards
Dr Dave

Dr Dave, I believe you have a medical condition called “Young at Heart.” Or is it Young at Fart? 🙂

I, too, find farts to be quite amusing. Thus, “fueling” the purchase of the fart book in the first place.


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