Oh, Fudge!


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Oh, Fudge! So much for 40 days without swearing…I blew it on day one.

Clean. Pure. Clear. Fresh. Unpolluted. Uncontaminated.

We have imposed a new-and-improved no swear rule around our house. The swear jar wasn’t very effective, so it morphed into: if you swear, do an extra chore. Here’s a broom. Here’s the toilet scrubbing brush. Here’s a pile of laundry to fold.

Who needs Snow White’s forest friends to clean when you have children with mouths like sailors?  🙂

This rule has been so effective that once everyone caught on, the swearing was minimized and the mess returned.

On Tuesday, I spotted dirty dishes mounting in the sink, overflowing onto the counter. And I heard the kids arguing about whose job it was to load the dishwasher. I could not help but yell:


Because I had had enough. But no sooner had the words left my mouth, I regretted both my word choices and how extremely loud my voice had transformed in those few seconds.

Yet, the dishes were promtly loaded. And everything–including the language–was clean again. Until day two…

Oh fudge!

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I feel your effing pain, my friend. That’s why I gave up smoking crack for Lent.

Good for you, you high achiever you!

You can dooo it! Hahaha.


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