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I wish I could just get rid of THIS. And she grabbed the flab at her belly, to emphasize the extra bulk and her dissatisfaction with herself. This woman is tall, amazing, and beautiful. Nearly six feet tall. Slender and active. Pretty eyes and cute pony tail. Mother of two. And yet, she’s so hard on herself. Pointing out flaws, instead of embracing all the good that she is and does.

Why are we so hard on ourselves?

The January covers of health magazines feature “Here’s to a brand new you!” And offer tips how we can change and transform ourselves. How to be healthier, slimmer, better.

But I think what we need to transform first is our self love.

We need to start loving ourselves more.

When the negative self-deprecating thoughts take over, it’s time to reframe. Maybe go for a hike to breathe in some fresh air, admire some big trees and the beauty that is everywhere, and get a fresh perspective on the bigger picture.

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