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It was time to wear the little big black dress. And tights.

My husband’s holiday work party was here and I needed to make a good impression.

Except my tights were anything but. I had quickly grabbed a pair and of course it was the one with the missing elastic waistband. Loose tights. What an oxymoron.

A delightful impression I made. Every four minutes, I had to grab the slipping waistband and hoist them back into place. Trying to do at strategic intervals–at the bar, then at the buffet, then at the dessert table (thrice)–so as not to draw attention.

The wardrobe malfunction got a little tiresome, so I let the tights slip down near my knees and sorta waddled around.

My droopystockings did not make a good impression that night, but thank goodness my winning personality did! Wink!


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