Wind Pie


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The winds blew in. Crazy winds. The kind of wind that scatters the leaves into crescent formations at the sidewalk’s edge. The kind of wind that makes your cheeks turn pink. The kind of wind that blows the last of the November apples off the trees.

On our way home, we noticed hundreds of unclaimed apples, newly blown onto the grass. So of course, we pulled over to gather them up. My daughter and I made baskets out of our shirts, where we weighted them down with apples.

My nine-year-old ran willy-nilly. Because. The. Wind.

That afternoon, we washed, peeled, chopped, sugared, spiced, and cooked the apples. Then, we mixed, rolled, and flattened a pie crust. After an hour of preparation, into the oven it baked.

We called it: Wind Pie.

And despite the apples being too mushy and the crust too wheaty, the memory-making was delicious!

Apple pie made with love and whole wheat flour…good intentions but the crust was awful.

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I’ll bet that it was the best wind pie you ever ate! It sound delicious to me. And of course, the memories. They will be delicious for the rest of your days. Love you guys!

I just love your posts, girlfriend.

Yes, the memories were delicious!


Aw, thank you. You are so kind!


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