These Boots Are Made for Walkin’


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A pair of boots. A pair of magic boots.

It was a girls’ weekend. My mother, me, and my daughter. She was turning one. So of course we went shopping. Shoe shopping.

I was trying on boots. My mother offered to buy me a pair. Actually two pairs. Winning!

My daughter stood up, held onto the chair, and then took a few steps. Then a few more steps. She was walking across the room! She learned to walk. In the shoe department at Nordstrom. It was like the perfect ad.

What a weekend filled with milestones, memories, and magic.

Eleven years later, I still have those boots. And now my daughter wears them. Those same, magic boots.

The day I bought these boots, my daughter learned to walk. She now wears these same boots, 11 years later.

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