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I live in a smallish town where everybody knows my name. Or at least the pharmacist does. And I usually run into someone I know wherever I go. This is why I can no longer show up to the pharmacy or the grocery store looking like a hag.

Oh and now that I have a teenager, this is especially true. Apparently, there’s a dress code for me. Mom, you can’t go out looking like that.

When I lived in a bigger town, I could leave my house in gray sweat pants (like Rocky), hair in a ponytail, no make-up. No problem.

You mean, I can’t wear sweat pants to Costco?

There’s no time for Hagville when you live in Smalltownville. And there’s certainly no time for Hagville when photos are shared instantly.

Gotta go run some errands. But first, let me take a selfie.

Happy Halloween from Pippi!

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